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JLD Dragon Has A 1.5L Bubble Tea Tower From $10.80 That Feeds Five BBT Lovers 

24th July 2020

JLD Dragon launches a 1.5 litre bubble tea tower 

JLD Dragon bubble tea tower

Let’s be honest, the bubble tea craze is never going away. What started out as a food fad has now become so ingrained in our culture, evident from the perpetual hordes of BBT enthusiasts lining up to get their daily fix. It’s no wonder we have an infatuation over this beverage due to the abounding bubble tea innovations that have hit our shores.

JLD Dragon counter

JLD Dragon is one such player in the field, offering quality beverages without artificial ingredients. This Taiwanese chain first opened at Waterway Point near the beginning of this year and has since flourished with a total of four outlets in Singapore, including two popup JLD Flash stores, which serve a limited variety of drinks in the rustic, comfortable setting of a coffee shop. 

With much anticipation, JLD Dragon will be launching a Singapore-exclusive Dragon Tower, at one of their JLD Flash stores. This 1.5 litre bubble tea tower is shareable among four to five people, and has six flavours for you to choose from. It comes in a sleek cylinder, embellished with a golden dragon on top that screams royalty. 

Brown sugar fresh milk

Apart from being a group-friendly experience, the hands-on aspect of creating your own BBT makes it even more enjoyable, as if you’re actually behind the counters of JLD Dragon. Forget all the other drink towers, I’m heading for this next. 

Brown sugar effect

The classic option of Brown Sugar Fresh Milk is priced at $16.80. Posing as a visual stunner, the brown sugar syrup creates a striped ripple effect that would make an attractive feature on your IG Stories. 

Drinking brown sugar fresh milk

This well-bodied milky pick has a rounded caramelised sweetness along with hints of nutty essence. I couldn’t stop myself after taking a sip. 

Brown sugar boba

At $3.60, you can also order a bowl of Brown Sugar Boba for an additional sweet and chewy element.

Tie Guan Yin Tea

If you’re seeking for a more refreshing alternative, you may also opt for their Tie Guan Yin Tea ($12.80). It has a floral aroma and is the ideal drink for quenching your thirst, especially in Singapore’s sweltering heat.

Cheese cream

As recommended by JLD Dragon, their Cheese Cream ($4.50) would be the perfect finish for the tie guan yin tea as it brings a light, aerated texture along with a tinge of sweetness that matches the fragrance of the brew. 

Okinawa brown sugar

In celebration of this launch, all Dragon Towers will be complemented with free flow Okinawa brown sugar and cane sugar for a limited period of time. 

The brown sugar syrup has a thick and luscious viscosity that doesn’t just sweeten the beverage, but also stains the sides of the cup, creating a gradient effect once the milk is poured in. With the condiments present, you can customise your own BBT according to your personal palate. 

JLD Dragon Storefront

The Dragon Tower also includes options such as Emerald Green Tea ($10.80), Emerald Green Fresh Milk Tea ($13.80), Tie Guan Yin Fresh Milk Tea ($15.80) and even Golden Citrus Green Tea ($16.80), which is a new fruity addition. 

From 24 July onwards, you may order the 1.5 litre bubble tea tower from the JLD Flash store that’s located at 155 Bukit Batok Street 11. JLD Dragon plans to cater a 3 litre bubble tea tower for larger groups in the future, but only at the liberty of Phase Three. Do follow their Facebook page for more information with regards to their offerings.  

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Address: 155 Bukit Batok Street 11, Broadway Coffeeshop, Singapore 650155
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 9pm

JLD Dragon Lets You Bring 1.5L Bubble Tea Towers Home, Can Jio Friends For Boba Parties

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