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KFC’s Golden Durian Mochi With D24 Is Back, Try Them Before They Sell Out Again

21st February 2024

KFC Golden Durian Mochi with D24 filling is back 

As the success of KFC‘s Golden Durian Mochi showed last time around, Singaporeans love to have durian with just about anything. To appease our durian-crazed nation, KFC is bringing back the popular fried mochi balls again! These balls will be here from 23 February 2024 at all KFC outlets except the ones in Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, and Singapore Polytechnic.


These deep-fried mochi balls, packed with a D24 durian filling, were last in stock two years ago in 2022. It only took a few weeks for them to be completely sold out, so be sure to snag the sweet treat ASAP. If you snooze, you lose! You can get them at $4.15 for five pieces or $8.20 for 10 pieces.


This treat features a crispy exterior and a centre filled with rich durian lava and chewy mochi. Upon cutting the golden orb in half, my nose was charged by the pungency of the durian, and what followed was overflowing durian lava. 


The durian lava was hot, and I could taste the real durian bits that were in the cream as well! I liked that the filling was smooth without leaving any greasy aftertaste.

kfc-durian-mochi- flatlay

While tasty on its own, the mochi can also be paired with KFC’s iconic fried chicken for a sweet-savoury combination. Adding to the new re-launches are the saucy wings which include the Hot Sauce Wings and the Soy Garlic Wings ($5.95 for four pieces). These wings are a saucy mess of chicken wings fried in a thick, crunchy batter. 

If you’re looking for more mochi goodies to try, check out our guide to the best mochi waffles in Singapore, including pandan and nian gao flavours. For other tasty chicken meals, read our BHC Chicken review.

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KFC is a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Raelynn Ng.
This was a media drop by KFC.

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