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Kooks Creamery Review: Exploding Molten Lava Cookies And Ice-Cream In Serangoon

29th August 2016

Sweet explosions in a pan

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This quaint dessert shop nestled under a HDB block along Serangoon Avenue 4 proves to be a cafe you’ll bring your friends to on a dessert date after school. Specialising in a wide array of milky ice-cream flavours, Kooks Creamery brings a refreshing twist to conventional ice-cream on waffles by swapping the latter out for molten lava cookies.

There are two lava cookies to choose from: matcha and chocolate. Each cookie is freshly baked upon order so its filling will be molten and ready to ooze out when you plop a giant scoop of ice-cream on it. 

Lava Cookie Sets at Kooks Creamery

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We ordered two lava cookie sets that include a cookie and a scoop of ice-cream each. Matcha Cookie Set ($8.50) was our favourite of the two. We could smell the whiff of the fragrant green tea cookie as it was delivered to us fresh from the oven, and the matcha explosion once the ice-cream hit the cookie was a sight for the eyes. Cue the oohhs, ahhhs, and Snapchat vids.

The cookie was sweet but not overwhelming, and the creamy matcha filling melded seamlessly with a scoop of Milk Cereal ice-cream. Eat it upon arrival and you’ll be smitten by the sensation of cold ice-cream and hot matcha sauce atop a crunchy warm cookie that melts in your mouth. The cookie was softened by melted ice-cream as time went by, so do expect a cake-like texture after some time.  

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We had the Chocolate Cookie Set ($8.50) next, but it paled in comparison to its matcha counterpart. While it definitely oozed more filling, the chocolate cream was too sweet and cloying, while clashing with the Ferrero Rocher ice-cream we had on top. The sweetness of the cookie was amplified by the one-dimensional flavour of the chocolate sauce, which may overwhelm those without a sweet tooth.

Tip: Pick a lighter ice-cream flavour like Earl Grey when going with the chocolate cookie base to keep the jelak feeling at bay.

Ambience at Kooks Creamery

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Despite its small size, the cafe still manages to set itself up as an Instagrammable location. Pics or it didn’t happen will cease to be an issue with Kooks Creamery’s free-for-all flatlay props. Think sleek marble slabs, picturesque flower bouquets and even quirky signposts!

The Verdict

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There’s nothing like a refreshing sweet treat after a long day, and the ice-cream selection at Kooks Creamery will not disappoint. We found their best flavours to be of a milky and crunchy base, like Milk Cereal, Nougat and Speculoos.

Kooks Creamery takes a novel spin on the local dessert scene and we love it. Just two bus stops away from Serangoon MRT Station, this charming cafe opposite Serangoon Swimming Complex radiates chill vibes and is the perfect place to soothe your sweet tooth after a long day.

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Even though we found the cookie sets a little pricey at $8.50 given its meagre palm-sized portion, the splurge is worth it for matcha that’s this good. Whether you get the hype over oozing lava cookies or not, the unique ice cream flavours are definitely worth the scoop.

This is an independent review with all expenses borne by Eatbook.sg.

  • 8/10
    - 8/10


– Cosy vibes
– Friendly service staff

– Small seating area
– Expensive

Recommended Dishes: Matcha Cookie Set ($8.50)

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday 12pm to 10pm
Friday – Saturday 12pm to 11pm

Address: 211 Serangoon Avenue 4, #01-02, Singapore 550211

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