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Lavish Catering: 10-Course Christmas Dinner Delivery With Carved Turkey And Cured Ham Platter

18th November 2019

Get a LAVISH Christmas dinner delivered to your doorstep

LAVISH Catering - Flatlay

Christmas is a joyous occasion with loved ones, and since home is where the heart is, the best place to celebrate Christmas would be at home. LAVISH has made it easier for us lazy hosts to fill up the dinner table with their Santa’s Joy Box 10-course spreads, featuring turkey with stuffing, roast vegetables, beef stew and more.

LAVISH Catering - Christmas Spread

You might think we’re writing this review a little too early for Christmas, but I assure you there’s not much time to waste. Soon restaurants will be fully booked and you would have to settle for less popular spots to celebrate this festive occasion. Don’t make the same mistakes I made and plan ahead with their Santa’s Joy Box at $268+, or Santa’s Joy Box Deluxe at $368+—both made for a party of 10 to 12 people. 

LAVISH Catering - Turkey

The main difference between the two Santa’s Joy Boxes lies not in the number of dishes, but the kinds of dishes offered. To name a few, the deluxe version comes with carved turkey instead of chicken breast, and oxtail goulash instead of chicken lasagna. If the deluxe box is going to give me more legit Christmas dishes in a box, then it’s worth every penny. 

Last Christmas’ back-breaking effort of brining and oven-roasting a 4kg turkey still gives me the shudders. Thankfully, I can stress less this year with their ready-to-eat carved turkey. Prepared sous vide, the marinated turkey breast has evenly cooked slices which make for a healthier option.

LAVISH Catering - Apple Salad

Start the joyous celebration with Santa’s Joy Box Deluxe’s Christmas Honey Salad. From the vacuum-compressed Granny Smith apple slices to the sugar-glazed walnuts, the salad shows that immaculate attention to detail was paid in the preparation of this simple dish. 

LAVISH Catering - Ham and beef salalmi platter

Christmas is simply incomplete without a cured meat platter. Build your own fancy one with the Charcuterie Platter which comes with chicken and turkey ham, beef salami, meatloaf, pickles, and tom berries. Pro tip: zhng it up another level by piling on some cheese and fruit, along with a swig of wine for an added bonus. 

LAVISH Catering - Oven roasted chicken

If the turkey breast is too lean for you, there is also an Oven Roasted Chicken with Black Currant Sauce. Sporting a beautiful sear on the outside from a dry rub of salt and pepper, each chunk was seasoned and juicy. The blackcurrant sauce added a good kick of flavour, but I personally thought the chicken was already good on its own.

LAVISH Catering - Atlantic salmon, brussel sprouts, and carrots

Their Atlantic salmon gets you the most bang for your buck in the deluxe box. It has a sweet and savoury flavour combination with honey mustard dressing and smoked paprika bread crumbs. Pair it with the love-it-or-hate-it Brussel sprouts and carrots, which are peppered with a mix of herbs. 

LAVISH Catering - Crispy Maple Nut Pumpkin

Crowned with pretty yellow fennel flowers and sliced almonds, the Crispy Maple Nut Pumpkin gave a pop of colour to the predominantly meaty spread. 

LAVISH Catering - Oxtail goulash

A must for every Christmas table is a dish cooked with love. The oxtail goulash exuded effort and patience in the kitchen with its tender meat, rich stew, and buttery soft carrots. It is a dish amateur home cooks like myself will find hard to execute, especially with the pressure of guests arriving any time for the feast. 

LAVISH Catering - Saffron rice

Both boxes also come with tons of saffron rice with golden raisins and sliced almonds, so everyone leaves the party feeling satisfied. 

LAVISH Catering - Cheese cake and tarts

The Christmas spread also covers you from start to end with a duo of Winter Mixed Berries Cheese Cake and Pear & Currant Tart. There is a total of 24 little tartlets, enough for everyone to head back to the table for seconds as well!

LAVISH Catering - Santa's Christmas Cake

Early bird gets the worm at a much better price. Make a purchase before 30 November 2019 and get Santa’s Xmas Cake at only $1+. There is always space for another fancy-schmancy dessert to be added to the feast. This modern log cake boasts rich Earl Grey mousse rounded off by a luscious jellied raspberry layer—a worthy conclusion to an elaborate Christmas meal. 

LAVISH Catering - Gathering

Putting up a good Christmas spread is no easy feat. Skip the hours of planning and prepping with the help of Santa’s Joy Boxes by LAVISH. They are fully-equipped with ladles, tongs, plates, cutlery, and napkins. I’d rather spend the time in the living room with my family than sweating it out in the kitchen by myself.

Blessed are Eatbook readers. The first 50 customers to use the promo code “JOLLYHOLLY” will enjoy 50% off one dish from the Festive Ala-Carte Items from now till 30 November 2019. Wow your guests with an impressive dinner spread featuring their Roasted Tomahawk (U.P. $130+) and Roasted Australian Grain-Fed 70 Days Dry Aged Angus Prime Rib (U.P. $180+) at only half the price.

Find out more about LAVISH‘s Santa’s Joy Boxes!

Photos taken by Joshua Lee.
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