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Little Pond: New Sauerkraut Fish And Prawn Pot Restaurant At One Holland Village

8th May 2024

Little Pond has sauerkraut fish and prawn pot at One Holland Village


Having opened in December last year, One Holland Village is home to many exciting new-ish eateries to check out. One such eatery is Little Pond, a Chinese restaurant that specialises in dishes such as spicy prawn pot and a popular dish these days, the sauerkraut fish AKA suan cai yu.


Titled the Golden Sauerkraut Fish (from $39.90++), this dish sees a steel pot filled with a rich suan cai-based soup, many slices of snakehead fish, and other supplementary ingredients such as cabbage, enoki mushrooms, and fish tofu puffs.


You can expect each slice of fish to be fresh and tender, all while being infused with the sour and tangy flavour of the broth. There’s also that slight numbing effect courtesy of the Sichuan peppercorns present in the soup.


Because this dish is continually being heated up, you can enjoy it like you would a hotpot—and that means ordering some side dishes for dipping. These include options such as Sweet Potato Noodle ($3.80++), Frozen Bean Curd ($3.80++), and USA Sliced Beef ($8.90++).


Little Pond’s other speciality, the Signature Fragrant Spicy Prawn ($49.90++), is a must-try for crustacean fans.


Each prawn is sizeable and succulent, with the piquant but not overly spicy notes of Sichuan peppercorns giving it that kick of flavour. Aside from prawns, the pot is also filled with ingredients such as corn cobs, potato strips, and lotus roots.


Should you add $1++ to your meal, you’ll be entitled to a free flow of drinks, ice cream, condiments, and sauces.


Interestingly, you can brew a drink your way at the tea station. Just place your ingredients, which include chrysanthemum, rose, jasmine and more into a tea bag, and let some hot water do the rest of the work.

For another restaurant with suan cai yu to check out, read our YAO YAO Sauerkraut Fish review. For $9++ hotpot sets with unlimited lu rou fan and shaved ice, read our Xiabu Xiabu coverage.

Address: 7 Holland Village Way, #02-32, Singapore 275748
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 8013 2050
Little Pond is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Maisie Chong.
This was a media tasting at Little Pond.

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