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Matcha Beer: The New Bar Craze In Japan

11th March 2016

Beer with personality



We’ve had matcha Kit-Kat, ice cream and now we have matcha beer. Our fascination with flavored booze has been rampant throughout the years, we’ve had ciders, chocolate beer and even beers infused with marijuana. However, there hasn’t been a quintessential flavored beer that has captured our hearts, we’ve always fallen back on our pale ales or stouts; until now that is.



The Japanese have definitely caught on to something great here. The balance of flavors is outstanding, the matcha lends a bitterness which compliments the already bitter beer surprisingly. The color also definitely stands out from the usual pale amber or black that you might be used to. A must try for anyone who loves a burst of color and vibrancy in their food and drink.

Although this drink is available off the shelf, it’s also incredibly simple to make at home. Just mix a teaspoon of matcha powder with a bit of warm water and add your beer of choice! If you got the recipe down, you should be sipping on your very own glass of matcha beer in no time.

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