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McDonald’s Has New Black Pepper Cheese Filet-O-Fish Burger For A Limited Time Only

30th August 2023

McDonald’s has new Black Pepper Cheese Double Filet-O-Fish


PSA: the classic Filet-O-Fish is getting an upgrade! Fresh off the press is the all-new McDonald’s Black Pepper Cheese Double Filet-O-Fish, which is available from 31 August 2023 for a limited time only.

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This is exciting news especially for fans of the crowd favourite fish burger, as it’s the first time we’re seeing a new Filet-O-Fish flavour. Before this, McDonald’s recently rolled out a Sweet BBQ McSpicy and brought back the recurring seasonal favourite, the Nasi Lemak Burger.


The new Black Pepper Cheese Double Filet-O-Fish stars the same 100% wild Alaskan Pollock patties that are breaded and cooked to golden perfection.


You get two crispy fish patties layered with a slice of cheddar that’s meltier than before. It also comes with the all-new Black Pepper Cheese Sauce: a creamy, nacho cheese sauce with a peppery hint from real specks of black pepper. Topping it all off is chopped lettuce which adds a refreshing crunch to the rich and cheesy sauce. You know you’re getting the real deal here!


Holding everything together are two light and fluffy glazed buns, which are made with an improved recipe—they’re softer than the original Filet-O-Fish buns.


Each Black Pepper Cheese Double Filet-O-Fish Burger is priced from $6.55 a la carte, or from $8.15 as an Extra Value Meal. It’s also available with a single patty instead, from $4.15 for the burger itself, or from $6.40 as a meal.


ICYMI: McDonald’s Potato Wedges (from $4.50) are back on the menu too! There’s no telling when they’ll be available until, so make sure you get your hands on these crispy and savoury potato chunks before they disappear.


Wash it all down with the seasonal special Bandung Frappe, priced from $5 for a small cup. This rose-flavoured drink is drizzled with chocolate sauce for an extra indulgent treat on a hot day.

The new items are available across all McDonald’s outlets islandwide from 31 August. You can also sort your cravings by opting for delivery via the McDonald’s App, or on major food delivery platforms including GrabFood.

Try McDonald’s Black Pepper Cheese Double Filet-O-Fish!

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McDonald’s is a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Aldrich Tan.
This post was brought to you by McDonald’s.

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