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McDonald’s Has A New Sweet BBQ McSpicy With Chicken Bacon

26th June 2023

McDonald’s has new Sweet BBQ McSpicy

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McDonald’s is back at it again, taking on the much-loved McSpicy and jazzing it up with added sweet and savoury flavours in the form of sweet BBQ sauce and chicken bacon! Hitting stores islandwide this week is the brand new McDonald’s Sweet BBQ McSpicy (from $8.10), available from 28 June 2023 for a limited time only.

mcdonalds - sweet bbq mcspicy intro

Unfortunately for those of you who develop a love for the Sweet BBQ McSpicy, it’s only available in the single patty version—you’ll have to buy two to make yourself a Double McSpicy edition.

mcdonalds - sweet bbq mcspicy ingredients

This new McSpicy sees the classic spicy AF chicken cutlet topped with crispy slices of chicken bacon, and a lashing of sweet BBQ sauce. We wished there was more of the sauce to get a real kick of the smoky oomph, but perhaps you could put in a special request for more.

mcdonalds - sweet bbq mcspicy cross section

Nonetheless, look past that and you’ll find your good ol’ McSpicy has definitely been given a glow-up with the additional bursts of sweet and savoury in each bite of that juicy, spicy chicken leg burger.

We Try The Viral McDonald’s Hash Brown-McFlurry Sandwich

mcdonalds - hash brown mcflurry sandwich

If you’ve been on TikTok, you’ll have heard of the McDonald’s Hash Brown-McFlurry Sandwich, which went viral for its weird combination of ice cream with savoury, crispy hash browns. We tried it with the Coconut McFlurry, but you could always attempt this treat with the latest Hershey’s McFlurry too while it’s in stores!


all you sweet and savoury fans, this viral McDonald’s hack is for u 💪 McDonald’s spicy nuggies are back so we HAD to get our hands on them for this hack we saw on TikTok 🫢 it is a creation of soft hotcakes topped w/ spicy nuggies, drizzled w/ sweet hotcake syrup, and our favourite curry and BBQ sauces! #mcdonalds #foodhacks #hotcakes #nuggies #maccashack #sgfoodie

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

As if that wasn’t enough, we then hopped on yet another TikTok-famous McDonald’s trend, which stars the Spicy McNuggets that are back on the menu. This wacky combo calls for you to put the spicy nuggets on McDonald’s breakfast hotcakes, then drizzle over hotcake syrup, and finally top it all off with your choice of BBQ or Curry Sauce—the GOAT for many of our colleagues. Try it for yourself!

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