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New Hojicha Soft Serve And McFlurry Now Available At McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks

22nd September 2022

McDonald’s new Hojicha ice cream and McFlurry

Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

Within a week of McDonald’s announcing the comeback of the Samurai Burger, they’ve made yet another news drop—there’s now a new Hojicha ice cream, which is available at all McDonald’s dessert kiosks in Singapore! The tea-based flavour comes in four delectable versions: Hojicha Cone, Hojicha Twist Cone, Hojicha Hot Fudge Sundae, and Hojicha McFlurry.

McDonald's Hojicha Cone

Fans of this Japanese roasted tea can enjoy the new flavour in its simplest form—the Hojicha Cone— for just $1.20. Alternatively, you can have it paired with a vanilla soft serve by getting the Hojicha Twist Cone, which is also available at the same price.

Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

If you don’t want ice cream dripping all over your cone and hands, there’s also the Hojicha Hot Fudge Sundae ($2.20), which features the earthy tea-infused soft serve in a cup, with extra swirls of chocolate syrup for more sweetness.

McFlurry lovers can opt for the Hojicha McFlurry ($3.30), a chunky version of the ice cream that comes with crunchy OREO bits.

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Do take note that the Hojicha soft serve may contain trace amounts of caffeine, as well as milk, soybeans, and wheat.

Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

If Hojicha is not your cup of tea, there’s also the newly released Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie ($1.80), launched alongside the Samurai burger and seaweed shaker fries! We expect the citrusy cheese pie to be creamy and sweet with tangy notes coming from the yuzu. It will also be available at all McDonald’s dessert kiosk outlets.

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Featured image adapted from McDonald’s Singapore.

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