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McDonald’s McPepper Returns With Exclusive Pokémon Packaging From 1 Sep 2022

29th August 2022

McPepper and new Pokémon packaging at McDonald’s

pokemon mcdonalds mcpepper
Image credit: @brychrstphr

Fans of McDonald’s McPepper burger might have noticed the item’s disappearance from the fast food chain’s menu last September, within less than a month after its launch. There’s good news if you’re missing the black pepper burg: it’s now back on McDonald’s menu, from  September 2022!

McDonald’s To Launch McPepper, And Bring Back Scrambled Egg Burger From 2 September

A member of the team first spotted a sign outside McDonald’s Bedok Mall branch showcasing the McPepper burger with what looks like a Pokémon burger box.

McDonald's Singapore - McPepper x Pokémonv1Image credit: @McDonald’s Singapore 

McDonald’s has confirmed that the McPepper is wrapped in Charizard packaging, the Pulut Hitam Pie in Eevee packaging, and Teh C Frappé, in Pikachu or Scorbunny packaging.

black pepper burger
Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

Each McPepper comes with two beef patties glazed in a sweet and spicy black pepper sauce, topped with onions. Everything is held between McDonald’s signature burger buns. When it was launched last year, it was available as a $5 Extra Value Meal, which came with fries and a drink.


On top of the comeback of the McPepper burger, Pokémon enthusiasts can also look forward to the Pulut Hitam Pie ($1.70) and Teh C Frappé (from $4.50) served in exclusive Pokémon packaging. The former features crispy pastry encasing a creamy purple rice and coconut cream filling, and the latter is a refreshing ice-blended milk tea drink.

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For details on the Pokémon Happy Meal toys, read this link.

In the meantime, find out what we thought about McDonald’s Laksa Burger in the video below!

In other local fast food news, Jollibee has launched their famous Peach Mango Pie in Singapore! Priced at $1.80, the dessert features real peach and mango pieces wrapped in a crispy and flaky crust.

There’s also Filipino-famous Shakey’s Pizza at Lucky Plaza if you’re up for thin-crust pizzas, creamy shakes and more.

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Featured image adapted from @brychrstphr and McDonald’s Singapore

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