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Meidi-Ya Finally Opens Their Second Outlet At Great World City With Plenty Of Japanese Food Stalls

4th July 2019

Head to Meidi-Ya’s second outlet!

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Thanks to the upcoming Great World MRT Station in 2021, Great World City is undergoing a revamp, bringing a whole bunch of new tenants to its homeground, one of which is popular Japanese supermarket Meidi-Ya.

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Similar to its first outlet at Liang Court, Meidi-Ya Great World City offers both a shopping and dining experience—it’s as good as flying to Japan! Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza offers Hokkaido snacks, while those who want a sit-down meal can visit the neighbouring casual dining food court. 

Image credit: @sapporo_nishiyama_europe

The dining experience transports you to Hokkaido with Singapore’s first Sapporo Nishiyama ramen stall. Nishiyama Seimen, a Hokkaido-based ramen and gyoza manufacturer, sets foot in Singapore with Sapporo-style noodles. Ramen prices start from $15.90, which will get you a bowl of shoyu ramen with chashu. Different broth options are available including shio, tonkotsu, and miso.

Image credit: @sapporo_nishiyama_europe

The adjacent gyoza kiosk provides quality dumplings, which are flown in frozen from the brand’s Sapporo factory. These gyoza are made with Hokkaido-grown wheat wrappers and cooked at the stall upon ordering, and are priced at $6 for five pieces, with the choice of Green Sapporo Gyoza stuffed with pork and kumazasa (striped bamboo) or spicy Red Sapporo Gyoza

Image credit: @bentoss_hokkaido 

For those who prefer Japanese bento, Bentoss Hokkaido Restaurant has tempura and rice or noodles bento. You can find Prawn Tempura Soba ($14.80), Hokkaido Soup Curry with rice ($18), and Saba Shioyaki Teishoku, which is an economical Japanese-style saba fish set meal at $9.50

Image credit: @machimura_farm

Sweet-tooth individuals should not miss out Machimura Farm selling Japanese pastries, such as the Kamayaki Sweet Potato Tart ($9) and Milk Ice Cream & Dorayaki ($5). The Cream Cheese Pie ($9), stuffed with Machimura Farm’s Hokkaido cream cheese, can only be found at this outlet too!

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Medi-Ya’s second outlet also has more Japanese grub on display than the OG joint. Found in this supermarket is large segments of adored Japanese ingredients like tofu, natto, and seafood. You will also find a range of seasonal, handmade Japanese sorbet selling at $10 a cup, with unique flavours like Tokuya Tomato, Maruharinashi Pear, and Murata Mango

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If you’re throwing a fancy steak dinner with your fam’, you can also get Kobe’s famous top-grade beef boasting marbled perfection. Don’t leave without hitting the instant noodle aisle, which is stacked with cup noodles from Japan!

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B2-120, Great World City, Singapore 237994
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Featured image adapted from @markymmarc and @sapporo_nishiyama_europe.

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