Morimori Yogashi: Bakery in Everton Park With Mentaiko Cheese Bun, Taro Daifuku, And D24 Crepe Cake Roll
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Morimori Yogashi: Under-HDB Bakery With Mentaiko Cheese Bun, Taro Daifuku, And Hojicha Puffs

24th December 2021

Morimori Yogashi at Everton Park

If you love pastries as much as I do, you’ll want in on this—Morimori Yogashi is an under-the-radar bakery in Everton Park that offers a great range of premium yet affordable French-Japanese bakes, in the likes of cream puffs, daifuku AKA mochi, and trendy Japanese mentaiko cheese-filled buns.

morimori yogashi mentaiko buns
Image credit: @morimoriyogashi

Start your order with the oh-so-popular Japanese Mentaiko Seaweed Cheese Bread, available as one big bun ($9), or eight small pieces ($24). This savoury bread features umami-laden mentaiko roe spread on a French baguette bun, combined with mozzarella, Japanese mayo, and roasted seaweed for an earthy finish.

For something more simple and classic, try their Signature Fujisawa Garlic Bread ($22 for eight pieces): soft buns filled with Japanese mayo, garlic, and butter.

Image credit: @morimoriyogashi

Those who love orh nee have to try their yam-infused bakes. There’s the limited-time-only Taro Milk Roll ($15), which sees pillowy soft taro sponge cake rolled with housemade taro filling and fresh taro chunks. Made to be less sweet, this cake roll is one to savour with your other orh nee-lovin’ friends!

morimori daifuku
Image credit: @morimoriyogashi

The Strawberry and Yam Taro Mochi ($25) is another popular item on their menu that’s perfect for gifting. You get three soft and chewy daifuku stuffed with an azuki red bean filling and fresh strawberries, while the other three consist of a yam filling.

morimori yogashi puffs
Image credit: @michellelim_star

Morimori Yogashi also offers an Assorted Puff box ($25), which gets you six different cream puffs. Featuring an airy French choux pastry with a crunchy topping, the puffs come in flavours including Hojicha, Matcha, and Vanilla Caramel. There’s even a seasonal special of Hokkaido Milk with Fresh D24 Durian ($22), which is said to burst with a generous amount of cream.

The French and Japanese-inspired bakery is helmed by young chef Terrian Lim, who started earning his chops at the tender age of 19. With over 12 years of experience, he is the brains behind the fine selection of bread and pastries you see on Morimori Yogashi’s online menu.

If you’re looking for more bakes to try, check out Muyoo at NorthPoint City for mochi buns. Alternatively, visit Uggli Muffins at Jalan Besar for cheap $1.40 muffins!

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Address: Blk 1 Everton Park #01-31, Singapore 081001
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 7pm, Sat 10am to 5pm

Featured image adapted from @morimoriyogashi

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