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Mr Mookata Plus: $29.90++ Thai BBQ Buffet With “Hunks” In Tanglin

6th May 2024

Mr Mookata Plus has $29.90++ Thai BBQ buffet in Tanglin


If you’ve been paying attention to recent food-related news, you may have heard of how the scantily-clad Thai hunks from Sathaneemeehoi, a viral restaurant in Thailand, cancelled their appearance at the opening of Mr Mookata Plus on 3 May 2024. While it’s unclear whether any Thai hunk will appear at this new Tanglin restaurant in the future, for now, you can enjoy the service of ten “SG hunks” while you feast on mookata.


Prices start from $1.70++ per plate of ingredients, and $29.90++ for a Mookata Buffet. If you’re lucky, the aforementioned SG hunks will help you cook the food you order as well.


Standout a la carte dishes for your mookata include the Marinated Pork Belly ($2.40++), Sliced Beef ($3.20++), and Bacon-Wrapped Enoki($4.20++).


There are also seafood ingredients to sizzle up, including the Sotong Rings ($3.20++), Half-Shell Scallop ($3.90++), Sliced Abalone ($2.40++) and more.


There’s an option for a Lala Hotpot ($22.90++), which you can enjoy with ingredients such as enoki mushrooms, crab meat, tofu, and of course, the sweet, briny lala clams.


There is a 90-minute dining time limit, so do note that you won’t be able to enjoy those muscles—I mean, mookata—for too long.

For $58++ Thai hotpot set for 2, which includes tom yum broth, snow crab and more, read our Fufu Pot coverage. For Thai-style crepes with egg floss nutella and more in CBD, read our The Crispy Crepes coverage.

Address: 320 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247980
Opening hours: Daily 4pm to 1am (from 6 May onwards)
Mr Mookata Plus is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @mrmookataplussg.

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