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Myung Ga II Opens In Tanjong Pagar With XXL Korean-Style Tonkatsu And More

5th December 2023

Myung Ga II has opened in Tanjong Pagar


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Previously a gem exclusive only to Bukit Timah, popular Korean joint Myung Ga II has opened a second location in none other than Tanjong Pagar, heating up the competition among the many players in the Korean eatery game there.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, Myung Ga started as Ming Jia (名家) Korean Food, a Korean-style cai png stall on the first floor of Bukit Timah Plaza that also had a short menu of a la carte kimchi fried rice, stews and such. Then, they took over another unit in Basement One, calling it Myung Ga II.

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This latest Myung Ga II in Tanjong Pagar is their first foray outside of the Beauty World enclave. It has just opened a week or so ago with what looks like largely the same menu as at their Bukit Timah Plaza shop—there are constant long queues here, so CBD peeps, this is your chance to try their fare!

myung ga ii - donkatsu
Image credit: @foodforfoong

One of the most popular items at Myung Ga II is their massive Donkatsu ($20++), AKA donkkaseu, or Korean-style tonkatsu. Unlike the Japanese variety, which is served sliced, donkatsu comes in thinner cutlets, and is not sliced before serving. It’s also usually served with a gravy ladled atop. Myung Ga II’s gravy is said to be moreish, with notes of fruit and tomato.

myung ga ii - budae jjigae (1)
Image credit: @foodietwoshoessg

Just in time for the recent spate of sweater weather we’ve been having is their Buddae Jjigae ($40++), or army stew, as we know it. This is a portion for sharing, so jio some friends to tag along.

myung ga ii - jjajangmyeong and jjampong
Image credit: @coffeetoastie

While you’re here, give their Haemul Jjambbong ($19++) a shot; it’s said to be one of the best around. Alternatively, try their Kong Jjajang ($15++) too.

myung ga ii - perilla noodles
Image credit: @_kaelogs

For something off the beaten path, there’s Deulkkae Kalguksu ($16++), where the creamy broth is enriched with perilla seeds for a nutty, fragrant, and rather thick, stew-like finish. If you like, their Mul-Naengmyeon and Bibim Naengmyeon, both priced at $17++ a bowl, are supposed to be legit.

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myung ga ii - kimchi pancake
Image credit: @_kaelogs

Jeon-fans, you’ll be happy to know that they haven’t forgotten to include Kimchi Jeon ($20++) on the menu too.

myung ga ii - cheese tteok
Image credit: @stuffedmandu

Besides Cheese Ramyeon ($13++), you’ll also be able to get the IG-worthy cheese pull shot when you order Cheese Tteokbokki ($19++), or Cheese Gyelanjjim ($15++), or cheese steamed egg.

myung ga ii - pork bbq promo
Image credit: Myung Ga II

According to a promo posted on Google by Myung Ga II, they do have K-BBQ options for diners at their Tanjong Pagar outlet, with an outlet-exclusive Sliced Iberico Pork Belly (from $22++). Do note that it’ll cost slightly more if you opt for their staff to help you with the grilling.

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Address: 28 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088451
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11:30am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 10pm
Tel: 8042 8025
Myung Ga II is not a halal-certified eatery

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Feature image adapted from @xy_eats, @stuffedmandu, @foodietwoshoessg

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