Swensen’s Has A New Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake Topped With "Fried Chicken"
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Swensen’s Has A New Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake Topped With “Fried Chicken”

11th April 2022

Nasi lemak ice cream cake at Swensen’s

Swensen's Ramadan SpecialsImage credit: Swensen’s

No, this is not a delayed April Fool’s joke. Swensen’s has just recently rolled out a new ice cream cake flavour in their Limited Edition Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake ($53.80). Available for pick-up or delivery from now till 15 May 2022, the Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake is part of the family restaurant’s Ramadan specials.

Nasi Lemak Ice Cream CakeImage credit: Swensen’s

Drawing upon their viral “fried chicken” ice cream, the all-new ice cream cake pays homage to one of Singapore’s national dishes. Featuring a layer of lemak Coconut ice cream atop a pandan-forward layer of Kueh Salat ice cream, the cake is also topped with a “sunny side-up” fondant, sweet “sambal chilli” jam and roasted peanuts. 

Nasi Lemak BurgerImage credit: Swensen’s

Aside from this dessert masquerading as nasi lemak, Swensen’s is also bringing back their real Nasi Lemak Burger ($15.80++). Expect a legit crispy and juicy fried chicken leg patty sandwiched between airy brioche buns, topped with crunchy ikan billis and spicy sambal chilli. Remember to slice into the yolk for that #eggporn shot before you bite into the burger!

Pisang Goreng KejuImage credit: Swensen’s

Besides the Nasi Lemak Ice Cream Cake, diners can also look forward to the Pisang Goreng Keju ($12.80++). The indulgent dessert sees a banana that’s deep-fried and finished in the oven. Choose your favourite flavour of ice cream to go along with the grated cheddar and cold chocolate fudge or creamy hazelnut spread. 

Ondeh Ondeh Ice Cream CakeImage credit: Swensen’s

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, the Ondeh Ondeh Ice Cream Cake ($14.80++) is perfect as a dessert to round off your meal. The Ondeh Ondeh Ice Cream Cake comes with a Salted Gulaka Melaka ice cream centre, and is topped with desiccated coconut shavings to mimic the actual kueh.  

If you’re breaking fast with your family, order the Iftar Kat Mana Set for Four (U.P $138.24) and enjoy it at the comfort of your home for only $96.77. The set comes with four soft drinks, two each of the Nasi Lemak Burger and Pisang Goreng Keju, as well as two portions of King Prawn Pasta Goreng ($15.80++), and the Ramadan Family Platter ($28.80++)—both of which are also new menu items. 

For gelato that looks more conventional, go for The Humble Scoop with their Ribena Ripple and Honey Lemon ice cream flavours! If this makes you crave nasi lemak, check out our recommendations for some of the best nasi lemak that Singapore has to offer.

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Swensen’s is a halal-certified eatery.

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Featured image adapted from Swensen’s.

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