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This Bakery Has Black Sesame Mochi Buns, Muffins And More

23rd December 2022

Nypone Bakery has red bean mochi buns in Nanyang Polytechnic

Image credit: @nyponebakery

As a student myself, bread is my go-to food when I need something quick, cheap, and easy to fill my stomach with while I’m busy completing projects. While I do not have a bakery in my school, Nanyang Polytechnic students are lucky to have Nypone Bakery, a bakery that serves a range of buns, old-school muffins, and fresh pizza from $1.80!

Image credit: @nyponebakery

Nypone Bakery’s Red Bean Mochi Bun ($1.80) is simply a must-try here. It stars a soft, fluffy white bun with sweet red bean paste and mochi within. 

Image credit: @nyponebakery

If you’re not a fan of red bean, go for the Black Sesame Mochi Bun ($2.20) instead, which features a nutty black sesame filling with chewy mochi in a fluffy bun. 

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Nypone Bakery also has old-school muffins priced from $1.80. To celebrate Christmas, they’ve come up with Festive Muffins in exciting flavours, such as Matcha Red Bean Mochi ($3) and Strawberry Cream Cheese ($3)

You can purchase these muffins individually or in a Christmas Muffin Box ($14), which has two pieces of each flavour and a Double Chocolate Almond ($2.20) muffin. 

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Besides the festive treats, Nypone Bakery’s best-selling muffin flavours are the Banana Walnut ($2), Apple Crumble ($1.80), Double Chocolate Almond ($2.20), Strawberry Crumble ($2.20), and Blueberry Crumble ($2.20). If you’re spoiled for choice, the Classic Muffin Box ($10) will get you sorted with all five flavours in one box. 

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Pizza lovers will be delighted to know that they’ve also got fresh pizza available, with flavours including Hawaiian, Turkey Ham & Olive, and Garlic Cheese. A slice of each flavour will set you back $2.80. They are available for pre-order in 12-inch sizes at $22 each, via Nypone Bakery’s website. The Half & Half ($24) is a great option if you’d like to enjoy two pizza flavours in one. 

For more food to check out around the area, read our guide to Ang Mo Kio food gems. Alternatively, head down to Big Bakery for old-school apple crumble, cream puffs, and more!

Address: 180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Stall 10, Foodgle Hub, Block P1, Basement, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore 5698830
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm
Tel: 8939 2191
Nypone Bakery is not a halal-certified bakery

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Feature image adapted from @nyponebakery

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