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New Oreo Ice-Cream Bar Found In Singapore

11th April 2019

Treat yourself to this Oreo ice-cream bar

Oreo Ice Cream Bar Singapore

Yes, Oreo ice-cream is nothing new. I’ve eaten countless Nestlé Oreo Ice Cream Cone, and even cried over boys with a tub of Oreo Vanilla ice-cream. But all that is nothing compared to this gem of a find, the Oreo Ice-Cream Bar, also by Nestlé.

Bestowed onto us by our colleague who stumbled upon it at a random mama shop called Hui Shang Asia Mart in Telok Blangah, this ice-cream bar is so rare, we couldn’t find it at the Cold Storage outlets we visited, RedMart, or other leading convenience stores! The only other place we know that has it is Hao Halal Hub at 239 Yishun Ring Road.

Oreo ice cream stick

Priced at $2.70 a stick, the ice-cream is a must-eat for Oreo fans out there. Instead of being a Magnum duplicate, the ice-cream is coated in a casing of Oreo cookie. Yas, das right. The Oreo doesn’t just come in bits and pieces mashed into the vanilla ice-cream! It’s the real deal.

While cynics may rain on our Oreo-lovin’ parade and say this just tastes like any other cookies and cream ice-cream, it truly isn’t. The chocolatey Oreo taste is very pronounced due to the Oreo shell and generous Oreo crumbs mixed in the vanilla ice-cream. Honestly, it feels like you’re eating an ice cold Oreo cookie with extra cream. Delicious.

Oreo Ice Cream Bar

Heading to Telok Blangah to find a random minimart does sound very inconvenient for those living elsewhere. Thankfully, we found it online at MVO Marketing. The only catch is that you have to buy a full carton of 18 sticks at $52. That equals to $2.90 a stick, excluding delivery fee. 

It’s rather #extra if you’re buying to enjoy at home, but if you’re the kind fairy godmother of your office’s pantry, perhaps getting a carton for the office to boost morale ain’t so bad.

That being said, we are pretty sure there are more of these rare Oreo ice-cream sticks hidden in Singapore. So share the love and tell us in the comments below where else can we get our hands on this delicious sweet treat!

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