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Singapore’s First Christmas Market Of The Year Gives You Early Christmas Feels

16th November 2016

Bring on the Christmas feels at SAVOUR Christmas Festival

“Christmas sucks!” said no one ever. There’s just something about Christmas that makes everything a little more magical each year. From gigantic fir trees in shopping malls to annoying but strangely addictive jingles playing on repeat EVERYWHERE, the weeks leading to 25 December are always welcomed.


Even though there’s still more than a month to go before the actual day, there’s no need to act shy when it comes to celebrating Christmas early. The people behind SAVOUR obviously know this, because SAVOUR Christmas, the first Christmas version of SAVOUR Gourmet, is happening from tomorrow till this Sunday (17 to 20 Nov). Here’s a little sneak peek on what to expect.

1. Atas food by zai chefs


Now you no longer need to salivate and cry inside while watching Masterchef on your laptop in bed. Get your fill of beautifully plated food made with finesse and fine ingredients at this Christmas festival.

12 restaurants including Mitzo, Restaurant Ember and Stellar at 1-Altitude will be offering over 30 dishes, and these are definitely not your average fare. Think Baked & Braised Pancetta Iberica ($12) and Mai-Tai Lobster Mash ($12) that’ll satisfy those with tai tai taste buds. And don’t assume atas food always come with atas price tags, because all dishes are priced at $6 or $12 each.

Click here for a full list of restaurants and menus.

2. Watch Inch Chua perform live


“Proud” is not enough to describe how we feel about this home-grown talent who has performed at festivals like South by Southwest and Beijing MIDI Music Festival. If you feel the same, remember to chope a good spot to watch her perform on 19 November (Sat) from 7 to 10pm. In the meantime, study the lyrics so you can sing along. Here are some of our favourites to play on repeat:

iNCH - Dust That Moves (Official Lyric Video)
play button
iNCH - Dust That Moves (Official Lyric Video)

iNCH - MouseDeer (Official Lyric Video)
play button
iNCH - MouseDeer (Official Lyric Video)

3. Bring home Christmas food


To max out the Christmas feels, bring home some turkey for mummy and daddy. At the Christmas Food Market, you can find food like Butterball Roasted Turkey, Christmas cakes and Ribeye Roast Beef. Christmas food aside, we’re most excited to get our hands on some lavender soft-serve. For those who want something luxe, get ready to chiong for the oyster bar.

Gimme Christmas now


It may be a while till we get to open presents, but no harm getting into the Christmas spirit early. In fact, the MORE Christmas feels, the better. So head down to Marina Bay for your first dose of holiday feels tomorrow!


Location: Bayfront Avenue, next to MBS Convention Centre.
Opening hours: 17-18 Nov 6pm to 11pm, 19 Nov 12pm to 4pm, 6pm to 11pm, 20 Nov 12pm to 9pm

Featured image taken from Savour Events’ Instagram.

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