Nutrisoy Has Ondeh Ondeh Soy Milk, Available For $2.45
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Nutrisoy Has Ondeh Ondeh Soy Milk, Available For $2.45

16th July 2021

Nutrisoy Ondeh Ondeh soy milk

First, we had the viral Farmhouse Dark Chocolate Soy Milk that had TikTok in a tizzy. The next limited edition flavoured milk we’ve recently spotted on supermarket shelves is the Nutrisoy Ondeh-Ondeh soy milk, available for $2.45, at FairPrice outlets, and potentially, other major supermarkets.

ondeh ondeh soy milk

We got our hands on it at FairPrice Parkway Parade, but it could be slowly rolling out in Dairy sections at supermarkets islandwide. Stocks were severely limited, as there were only a few in the section when we arrived.

The green-hued milk is perfumed witih notes of pandan and brown sugar, as well as the sweetness of soy. While it lacked the syrupy, coconutty profile of gula melaka, this drink does make a tasty addition to snack time. As a bonus, it is higher in protein, lower in sugar, and is vegan-friendly too.

nutrisoy ondeh ondeh soy milk

Nutrisoy soy milk is also made with non-GMO soy beans, is enriched with vitamin D3, and is high in calcium. The tasty Ondeh-Ondeh flavour just makes the medicine go down sweeter, if you will.

ondeh ondeh nutrisoy

If ondeh-ondeh isn’t your thing, then Nutrisoy also has a selection of other flavours available, including their Oats & Quinoa milk, High Calcium Soy Milk, Fresh High Calcium Soy Milk with Almond, and many more.

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Photos by Beatrice Bowers and Maverick Chua.

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