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Scarlett Supermarket Opens New Outlet With Cute Animal Bao, Roast Meats And More

19th January 2023

Scarlett Supermarket opens in Tai Seng with animal buns

Scarlett Supermarket - cooked hot food

If you’re an ardent fan of large supermarkets such as Don Don Donki, you’d probably love Scarlett Supermarket, popular for their value-for-money Chinese products, ranging from groceries, frozen food, confectionery and daily essentials.

Scarlett Supermarket -storefront

Hailing from China, Scarlett Supermarket opened their first store in October 2020 on Trengganu Street, in Chinatown. Today, they have expanded to 13 outlets across Singapore. What’s more, their latest outlet at Grantral Mall near Tai Seng MRT Station is the biggest so far, housing a hot food section with buns, roasted meat and more!

Scarlett Supermarket - animal buns

The stars of Scarlett Supermarket’s hot food section are the absurdly adorable animal buns. It’s almost like a mini zoo, with selections such as YaYa Salted Egg Yolk Pau ($1.50), Tiger Red Bean Paste Pau ($1.50) and Panda Red Bean Paste Pau ($1.50). In all honesty, these petite, squishy buns are simply too cute to be eaten.

Scarlett Supermarket - pineapple custard bun

If munching on these animal friends feels too savage for you, go for the Pineapple Custard Bun ($1.50), which comes in either the shape of a pineapple or corn cob. For some variation in flavour, the Seasons Fortune Cake ($1.50) is a good pick, coming in quarters of pumpkin, black sugar, rice flour and spinach. 

Scarlett Supermarket - mantou

If you love man tou, you’ll be pleased to know that Scarlett Supermarket offers thick, fluffy ones for you to indulge in. Get them in a variety of flavours here, including Black Sesame ($1.20), Sweet Potato ($1.20), Black Sugar ($1.20) and Black Sugar With Dried Longan ($2).

Alternatively, if you’re looking for roasted meat, Scarlett Supermarket offers a wide selection of meat items at their new Tai Seng outlet, ranging from Smoked Chicken ($22.90), Smoked Pig Trotter ($12) to Pork Belly ($11.80).

Scarlett Supermarket - konjac jelly

Apart from their hot food selections, Scarlett Supermarket also sells all-time favourite treats. Fans of Wei Long Mala Konjac Shuang Jelly can get their share of this spicy snack here, which is sold at $12 for a box of 20 pieces. This jelly comes in three flavours: Mala, Hot And Spicy, Sour And Spicy

If you’d like to explore more interesting marts in Singapore, check out Rama Bear Mart, known for their Thai snacks and desserts! Alternatively, for more pretty eats in an aesthetic cafe, have a look at our Glasshouse Cafe review

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Photos taken by Jasper Juay.
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