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Get Taro Mochi Waffles With Soft Serve And Unlimited Toppings Under $6 In City Hall

19th January 2024

Smoff serves mochi waffles with unlimited toppings in SMU

From Onalu’s house-made bagels to Kuro Kare’s 36-hour Japanese curry, students of Singapore Management University (SMU) are lucky to have a campus brimming with limitless food options. Helmed by an ex-restaurant chef, Smoff is the latest addition on campus! This takeaway stall serves mochi taiyaki waffles with a wide selection of ice cream flavours and unlimited toppings.

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Their signature item is the Smoffle ($5.90), which is essentially a cup of soft serve, topped with a taiyaki mochi waffle that’s stuffed with filling. Here’s the best part: you get to customise the smoffle to your liking. First, let the staff know which mochi waffle filling you want. There’s Taro, Nutella, Red Bean, Ovaltine, Blueberry, and Vanilla Custard to choose from! Then, pick your soft serve flavour. There are six flavours available, including Ube, Pandan, Acai, and Peach. Do note that the flavours of their soft serve and taiyaki filling change seasonally.

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Toppings such as rainbow sprinkles and Biscoff crumbles are unlimited here, so don’t be shy to ask for more!

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If you are just craving a light snack, Smoff also offers moffles AKA mochi waffles stuffed with filling! There’s a good selection of savoury flavours here, including the S.E.C ($4.50), Egg Mayo ($4.50), and K-Chick ($4.50). The former is a winning combination of sausage, egg, and cheese filled to the brim, while K-Chick features gochujang crispy chicken with egg and kimchi.

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Alternatively, opt for their sweet moffles priced at $5 for two pieces, and $12 for five pieces. There’s the Dirty Passion for a nice blend of Nutella and passionfruit, or Ichigo Daifuku for a classic red bean and strawberry combination. 

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C Crumbs

Smoff is located right across from Kunyah Cafe, a small yet cosy eatery selling crispy chicken rendang and otah sandos—great for students to satisfy their sweet tooth in between seminars and tutorials.  FYI, Smoff is not a halal-certified eatery, but they do not serve pork or lard.   

If you love desserts, check out Twenty Grammes Cafe for waffles and pretty tarts! Or if you want to see the array of food choices SMU has to offer, see our SMU food guide for cheap Korean food, biscoff Yaowarat buns and more.

Address: 90 Stamford Road, #01-71, SMU School of Economics, Singapore 178903
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm to 8pm
Smoff is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @ieatyouread

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