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Get All Your Fave Childhood Snacks In Bulk At This Nostalgic Tampines Store

29th May 2024

SnacKING Retro Biscuits has affordable old-school snacks


Like for many Singaporeans, old-school tidbits bring lots of nostalgia to me. I recall enjoying these snacks as a reward when I scored full marks for spelling in primary school. When I visited SnacKING Retro Biscuits, a newly opened snack shop in Tampines 1, it felt as though I was transported back to my childhood.

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The shop offers many of our childhood snacks at wallet-friendly prices. A packet of Super Ring here costs $0.80! FYI, you can buy 30 different snacks on this display as shown in the picture for $21.60. There’s also fun in discovering rare finds such as Pop Pop, which are corn puffs in different flavours such as chilli and chicken.


Another old but gold classic is the Potato Wheel, which only costs $2.90 for a huge bucket. This snack can be quite heaty, so I recommend having them in moderation.


There’s even the 7-Eleven classic Craze Hottis, which you can get in a whole bucket for just $4.90. Here’s a tip: pop these in the air fryer for a few minutes so that they will be warm and crispy. This way, they taste similar to how we scooped them fresh from the snack machine.


If you prefer something sweet, they also have childhood biscuits such as Iced Gems ($4.90), Lemon Puff ($4.90), and Chippy Chips Cookies ($4.90). I find these to be the perfect midday snack, and my favourite way to enjoy them is to pair them with a hot cup of tea.


Though retro snacks are the highlight here, you can even get trendy snacks such as the viral Mr Beast Feastables (price TBD).

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Candies and lollipops are also displayed in carnival booths for an extra sprinkle of fun and colour. For parents, SnacKING Retro Biscuits is a great place to visit with your child to share the joy of these treats just like how you enjoyed them when you were young. There are a total of six branches across the country, so be sure to check them out!

For more snacks, check out MoNo Mart in Chinatown where you get to buy as many shelf-stable snacks as you want for $10! Alternatively, read our guide to the best old-school breakfast spots in Singapore.

Website | Full list of locations
SnacKING Retro Biscuits is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Anthia Chng and edited by Casandra Nicholas.
This was an independent visit by Eatbook.

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