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Famous YouTuber Mr Beast’s Feastables Chocolate Bars Are In Singapore

20th May 2024

Mr Beast Feastables chocolates are available in Singapore

ICYMI: you can find the viral Mr Beast Feastables chocolates at selected FairPrice stores, 7-Eleven outlets, petrol stations, and specialty snack shops in Singapore!

There are three flavours listed on the FairPrice site—Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Milk Crunch—but we only found the first two at our nearest supermarket. The Milk Crunch bar appears to be milk chocolate with crispy rice bits.

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For those who don’t know, Mr Beast AKA Jimmy Donaldson is a famous American Youtuber who has over 250 million subscribers. He’s said to be one of the most-viewed Youtubers on the platform, best known for his wild challenges and extravagant giveaways. In 2022, he launched his chocolate and snack company, Feastables, to much online fanfare.


We’ve seen the 60g bar retail for $3.50 at Esso, but on FairPrice, it’s going for $5.90. According to the brand’s main website, the bars were recently relaunched with refreshed packaging and a new taste.


Perhaps the revamped recipe paid off, as the team found the Feastables Milk Chocolate smoother and creamier than most counterparts out there! Flavour-wise, the bar tasted like regular milk chocolate similar to run-of-the-mill brands such as Cadbury.


If you love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you can give the Feastables Peanut Butter bar a go.


We preferred this flavour, as it had chunks of salted peanut butter sandwiched between the same milk chocolate, balancing out the sweetness of the snack. The peanut butter filling also came with a good crunch, adding a nice textural contrast to the creamy chocolate.

Here’s our final verdict: these chocolate bars aren’t worth it if they’re $5.90 each. For reference, a 50g Cadbury milk chocolate bar costs $2.40 at FairPrice—half the price of a 60g Mr Beast Feastables bar! The slight difference in creaminess just doesn’t justify its premium price tag. That being said, if you do find Mr Beast Feastables chocolate bars at $3.50 or a lower price elsewhere, we recommend giving the peanut butter flavour a go.


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Feastables is not a halal-certified brand.

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