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10 Best Muji Snacks To Buy—Matcha-Choc Strawberries, Instant Salted Caramel Latte And More

28th April 2023

Best Muji Singapore snacks to buy

muji snacks - snack section

On a recent trip to Japan, I visited Muji’s global flagship store in Ginza and was floored by the literal spread of instant food and snacks they had. The bounty from that trip is now gone, and so I paid a visit to our very own Muji Singapore to check out what snacks they had, so I might restock my pantry. The selection is paltry in comparison, but no less comprehensive—if your eyes have already glazed over, look no further, because here’s a list of the best Muji Singapore snacks to buy.

1. Chocolate-Coated Strawberry

muji snacks - chocolate coated strawberries

The bestselling snack at Muji Singapore is undoubtedly their quad of Chocolate Coated Strawberry ($5.30) snacks. They come in regular flavours such as ChocolateMatcha Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Strawberry Chocolate for a double hit of ichigo bliss. These coated freeze-dried strawberries, we are told, give a second life to imperfect fruit that would otherwise not make it to the fresh fruit displays, and get trashed.

2. Peanuts Chocolate

muji snacks - peanut chocolate

Another popular pick with Muji Singapore customers is Peanuts Chocolate ($4.90), a chocoholic’s dream of choc nuggets studded with whole pieces of nut. These organically shaped pieces come in bite-sized chunks so you won’t have to break up chocolate slabs while you snack. Weighing in at 219g a bag, these actually cost less per gram than your supermarket options.

3. Japanese Lolly With Plum

muji snacks - japanese lolly with plum

While we’re still on the sugared snacks, Muji Singapore also carries Japanese Lolly With Plum ($2.90) that you could pick up as an alternative to Chupa Chups. These are made to a traditional recipe with boiled sugar, giving them their translucent, amber-hued finish. What adds to the aesthetic of these lollies is the addition of freeze-dried plums suspended in each pop, lending the sweet treat a touch of tartness too.

4. Mini Ramen Tom Yam Kung

muji snacks - noodles

This one goes out to all Mamee Monster Noodle Snack addicts: Muji’s take on our childhood favourite snack is Mini Ramen Tom Yam King ($1.90). Simply break this up in its individual baggy and chomp on it, just as we used to do as kids, or have it cooked a la cup noodles. Pour boiling water over and let it sit, covered, for three minutes, otherwise cook it in a pot as you would instant noodles. The sour-spicy tom yum kick is aroy mak mak, and the portion is just right in a peckish pinch.

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5. Watagashi

muji snacks - cotton candy

There’s no need to hunt down a fun fair to get your hands on cotton candy when you have Muji instead. Their Watagashi ($2.30) is a convenient, sealed pack of candy floss that you can have in your kitchen, so you can have cotton candy whenever you feel like it. P.S. It’s not just a hit with kids, but adults too. Tear some into hot coffee, or rig it up above a steaming hot cuppa to recreate Mellower Coffee’s Sweet Little Rain at home!

6. Candy Yuzu & Kinkan

muji snacks - candy yuzu & kinkan

If you’re looking for candies, check out Candy Yuzu & Kinkan ($2.30) for a double citrusy candy drop. Both of these Japanese citrus fruits have similarly sweet and tart flavour profiles, though unique in their own ways. The taste of kinkan is closer to that of mandarin oranges, more familiarly known to us as kumquat, while yuzu has that distinctive sharper note. Try this for yourself to understand why this sweet has its following.

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7. Strawberry Jam Pie

muji snacks - strawberry jam pie

Hands up if you stock up on Marks & Spencer’s Redcurrant Puffs when they go on sale, then have to commit to finishing up the whole box. Enter Muji’s Strawberry Jam Pie ($6.90), which is almost as good, but comes in individually sealed portions in a large bag. If there’s one way to bite temptation in the butt, this is it.

8. Green Pea Snack

muji snacks - green pea snack

Don’t let Green Pea Snack ($2.30) throw you off with the green pea in its name: although it’s made with actual roasted pea grits—from Japan no less—it’s addictively palatable, even to a pea hater like me. It may look green, but it doesn’t taste anything like the little beans. Plus, it’s light and crisp, with no preservatives or chemical seasonings added save table salt. You might just convince yourself that you’re getting your daily dose of greens here.

9. Marshmallows

muji snacks - marshmallows

Another Muji snack that’s perfect for goody bags is their Marshmallows ($5.60) that come in Chocolate or Double Chocolate versions. These pillowy-soft clouds are filled with chocolate cream centres, whereas the Double Chocolate edition also stars a chocolate marshmallow for extra chocolatey goodness.

10. Instant Drinks

muji snacks - instant drinks

A bonus to check out at Muji Singapore, whether you consider it a snack or an accompaniment to your snacking, is their range of instant drinks. There’s the classic Instant Matcha Latte ($6.90), otherwise their new arrivals include Instant Cocoa Banana Latte ($6.90) for a drinkable, chocolate-laced version of Tokyo Banana, and Instant Salted Butter Caramel Latte ($6.90). Simply mix them with hot water, or do it with milk instead for a richer finish.

Snacks to buy at Muji Singapore

muji snacks - snack baskets

These are just 10 of the absolute many snacks and instant food products that you’ll find at any Muji store—get started with these, and go ham on the rest to pick your own favourites. We’ve also got a list of the best Don Don Donki desserts to try, or if not, chocolate lovers can have a look at the best items to get at Awfully Chocolate.

Website | Full list of outlets

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Photos taken by Aldrich Tan.

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