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Sō Ramen: This 1-for-1 Ramen Deal In April Lets You Get Tonkotsu Ramen At $7.50

29th March 2019

Sō Ramen’s 1-for-1 ramen deal

so ramen flatlay

Sō Ramen is ringing in their second birthday with eye-popping 1-for-1 ramen deals in the month of April, available for any ramen on their menu.

This offer means you’ll be able to pick up two bowls of ramen from just $8.90++, up to a mere $13.90++ for more premium variants. Considering those are already affordable prices for a single bowl of ramen, it’s an absolute steal for two.

so ramen ambience

The deal will happen every Monday at one of the five outlets. Here’s the list, so you ramen fanatics can mark your calendars:

1 April – Sō @ NEX
8 April – Sō @ BreadTalk IHQ
15 April – Sō @ Velocity @ Novena Square
22 April – Sō @ Bedok Mall
29 April – Sō @ Resorts World Sentosa

The ramen specialist offers wide variety. With three types of noodles, five soup variants, and an ensemble cast of toppings, everyone should be able to find their dream bowl of ramen here.

so ramen chashu torch

Effort is put into conceptualising and crafting each bowl – evident in the whopping eight hours their signature tonkotsu broth simmers for. Those painstaking endeavours blossom into deep flavour in every bowl.

so ramen grand tonkotsu intro

Those new to Sō Ramen ought to try the trademark Grand Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90++). All their creamy tonkotsu-based soups are paired with spindly and slippery hosomen (thin noodles) that simply slide down your throat. That combo is enhanced by a trio of porky indulgence: freshly torched chashu, melt-in-your mouth pork cheek, known as toroniku, and a humongous slab of pork belly, or Buta Kakuni.

so ramen grand tonkotsu hosomen

Those eight hours of simmering really came to fruition in this bowl. Joining forces with a dash of black garlic oil, the result was an exceptionally rich and creamy broth, with a subtle note of garlic astringency. That creaminess was accentuated by a supple ni-tamago reclining by the side of our bowl.

so ramen grand tonkotsu meat

Watching the chefs torch our chashu and toroniku had us anticipating some smoky and meaty goodness. We certainly weren’t let down.

Too many chashu in ramen joints don’t have the right ratio of fat-to-meat, but this rendition struck the right balance. Our toroniku was just as unctuous as expected, complemented by a nice wisp of char. The pork belly remained tender too – despite its ridiculous thickness – with a mellow soy flavour.

so ramen uoboshi tonkotsu toroniku intro

The Toroniku Uoboshi Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90++) blends tonkotsu broth with smoked fish stock, adding a potent injection of briny umami flavour to the creamy broth.

so ramen uoboshi tonkotsu toroniku soup

Toroniku lovers should head straight for this bowl, as four slices of fatty cheek meat adorn it. These luscious slices of pork complete what is already a sumptuous bowl of ramen.

so ramen spicy tonkotsu tamago intro

Our recent cold and rainy evenings are great for a fiery, sweat-inducing bowl of Tamago Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.90++). As this steaming bowl landed, our eyes were immediately drawn to the massive ball of spicy minced meat that crowned it.

so ramen spicy tonkotsu tamago spicy minced meat

Chilli heat comes in upfront as we sipped the broth, but did not overwhelm the rich tonkotsu base. That impressive sphere also imbued the broth with robust meaty flavour, creating a full-bodied soup.

so ramen yasai chashu miso

A shower of minced meat and mixed vegetables tops the orange-hued Yasai Cha Shu Miso Ramen ($11.90++), which contains broad and chewy yellow futomen noodles. Their miso soup is molded from a blend of over seven miso pastes. That results in a complex mixture of flavours, with garlicky, spicy, and nutty notes all working in unison.

so ramen yasai chashu miso scoop

Those veggies aren’t just for colour either. They add a welcome crunchy element to our dish that contrasts well with the overall richness of the bowl.

so ramen shoyu tamago

If you’re looking for a lighter meal, the Tamago Shoyu Ramen ($12.90++) is your best bet. Curly and springy chijiremen noodles swim in a classic soy-based broth that’s not nearly as heavy as its tonkotsu-based cousins.

so ramen shoyu tamago onsen egg

Onsen eggs are ubiquitous in donburi these days, but they make a guest appearance in this ramen. Its jiggly nature added a new textural dimension to the bowl.

so ramen crispy dango

To complement your ramen, share a plate of Crispy Dango ($4.80++) with a friend. These orbs are fried chicken meatballs, dressed in a tangy medley of mayonnaise and plum sauce. For frequent visitors to the land of the rising sun, these flavours will take you back to okonomiyaki on the streets of Japan.

Get your noodle fix at Sō Ramen this April

so ramen sign

Ramen lovers and bargain hunters should be salivating at the prospect of this 1-for-1 deal*, so set your reminders for every Monday in April to join the party.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Find out more about Sō Ramen!

Address: 238 Thomson Road, #01-05, Velocity @ Novena Square, Singapore 307683
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6253 6066
Website | Full list of outlets

Photos taken by Pichan Cruz.
This post is brought to you by Sō Ramen.

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