Sohtt: Ex-Hotel Pastry Chef Opens Bubble Tea Kiosk With Taiwan Cheesy Potato And Artisanal Cakes
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Sohtt: Ex-Hotel Pastry Chef Opens Bubble Tea Kiosk With Taiwan Cheesy Potato And Artisanal Cakes

27th October 2021

Sohtt bubble tea and cakes in Bukit Merah

Though many of us have allegiances to big brand bubble tea names, nothing quite compares to the convenience of having a regular neighbourhood bubble tea stall to get an affordable BBT fix. If you stay in the vicinity of ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, then make Sohtt your next haunt.

sohtt bubble tea bukit merah
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The bubble tea takeaway kiosk is opened by a former home-based business owner, as well as her partner, a former hotel pastry chef, with cred that spans a number of renowned hotels. On the drinks front, the cafe offers a selection of beverages that are all priced under $3.

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Their Oolong Lemonade Tea ($3) is a thirst-quencher that will help you beat the heat and humidity. Also, try their Grapefruit Yakult ($3), a bittersweet and milky concoction that will surely please fans of Yakult bubble tea drinks. For orh nee lovers, get your hands on their earthy, sweet Yam Milk ($3).

On the toppings front, there’s the usual black and white pearl, as well as aloe vera, available with an added $0.50. For something more unique, though, try their Egg Pudding ($0.80), or their Mini Taro-Q ($0.80) to go with your beverage.

taiwanese potato
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Most neighbourhood bubble tea stalls sell snacks too, such as buns or waffles. At Sohtt, you get Taiwanese cheesy potatoes with customisable toppings for something savoury, or a medley of artisanal bakes for something sweet.

sohtt taiwanese cheesy potato
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The Taiwanese cheesy potatoes are a night market staple, and here, prices start from $3, with add-ons that range from $0.50 to $2. This spans corn, broccoli, bacon, even salmon! Don’t forget to order the nacho cheese sauce, which is priced at $1.50. If you want a whole bottle for yourself to pour over your potato order, then get that at $2.

cakes cafe bukit merah
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As for cakes, expect to be greeted by an array of these delicate desserts once you enter Sohtt. All of these look straight out of the repertoire of an atas restaurant with equally refined flavours.

sohtt bakes
Image credit: @sohttsg

For example, their Raspberry Earl Grey Jivara Pink Galaxy ($6.80) is decorated with a galaxy-esque mirror glaze, and topped with gold leaf. There’s also their Berries Cheesecake ($7.80), which looks like a rounded Rubik’s cube, composed of fluffy cheesecake and berry compote.

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Address: 28 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 152028
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 9pm
Tel: 9880 4680

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Featured image adapted from @sohttsg.

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