Springleaf Prata Place Has New German Curry Sausage Prata With Sauerkraut
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Springleaf Prata Place Launches German Curry Sausage Prata With Sauerkraut

3rd September 2020

Springleaf Prata now has currywurst prata

Springleaf Dat Pratwurst
Image credit: Springleaf Prata Place

Springleaf Prata Place has just levelled up their offerings with the latest addition to the prata house’s Ultimate Series ─ German Sausage Prata.

Umami 50
Image credit: Springleaf Prata Place

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Springleaf Prata Place is an iconic air-conditioned supper spot for many, offering local Indian food with a unique spin. They are particularly known for their Ultimate Series, which is a collection of trendy creations including the Plaster Blaster ($5) ─ their interpretation of the classic Eggs Benedict. The German Sausage Prata is the latest installation of this series. 

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Das Pratwurst
Image credit: @Gerard Tan

Coined Däs Prätwürst (a pun on prata and bratwurst), this dish is inspired by the quintessential German street food ─ currywurst, which is essentially fried sausage bathed in spiced curry ketchup and topped with curry powder

Springleaf Prata Place has combined the humble prata with a homemade chicken sausage, sautéed onions, curry sauce and mozzarella cheese. To make it even more decadent, the creation is served sprinkled with more curry powder and topped with sweet and tangy sauerkraut (European fermented cabbage). If GoGo Frank’s sausage prata was your go-to in Takashimaya Food Hall once upon a time, we think you’re going to love this upgrade!

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As part of its launch, you can enjoy the Däs Prätwürst with a complimentary teh tarik for $8.90. Do note that this promotion is only running for a limited time. Däs Prätwürst is available at all Springleaf Prata Place outlets

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