Spuds & Soda: Warabimochi In Unique Flavours Including Bandung, Milo, Teh-O And More
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Spuds & Soda: Handmade Warabimochi In Unique Flavours Including Bandung, Milo, Teh-O And More

27th September 2021

Spuds & Soda for chewy mochi

spuds and soda - various warabimochiImage credit: @thefluffypao

Originating in the Kansai region of Japan, Warabimochi is made from the root of the bracken plant—unlike regular mochi that is made from glutinous rice. Spuds & Soda is an online store that offers a large range of artisanal warabimochi flavours, taking you on a journey to Japan. 

spuds and soda - matcha and hojichaImage credit: @hungryfriendz 

Their classic flavours include Matcha ($6.80 for eight pieces) warabimochi that bursts with an earthy flavour from the green tea powder, and bittersweet notes from the matcha-infused mochi. For something even more aromatic, go for the Houjicha ($6.80 for eight pieces) mochi instead.

You can also opt to drizzle your chewy bites with Brown Sugar, Condensed Milk, or Honey for an additional $0.50

Try out all the fruit-flavoured warabimochi by opting for the Fruity Fanatics 2.0 Mix ($10.80 for eight pieces). These bite-sized cubes come in four different flavours including Blueberry, Orange, Peach, and Lychee

spuds and soda - local warabimochi
Image credit: @spudsandsoda 

Taking a local spin on this Japanese delight, Spuds & Soda has a Local Faves Mix ($10.80 for eight pieces) including familiar flavours such as Kopi-O, Teh-O, Bandung, and Milo. These unique kopitiam beverage-inspired warabimochi make interesting party bites that will surely catch everyone’s attention. 

spuds and soda - dangoImage credit: @spudsandsoda 

Apart from warabimochi, they also have QQ dangos (price TBC), which are little tangyuan-like balls made using rice flour. These are available in rotation and come in sticks of four, allowing you to choose between Black Sesame, Houjicha, Matcha or Kinao Kokuto (roasted soybean) flavours. 

Their web store opens every Sunday at 6pm and closes on Friday at 6pm, while pickup or delivery happens on Saturdays. Those who live in the west may choose the self-collection option at Jurong East. If not, opt for delivery at a flat rate of $8 or order at least $35 worth of goodies for free delivery! 

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