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Takashimaya’s Japan Summer Food Fair Has Mochi Obanyaki And Famous Apple Pie From Osaka

19th May 2023

Takashimaya’s Japan Summer Food Fair has famous Japanese snacks


It seems like everyone around me has made holiday plans to Japan this year. If you, like me, are not travelling to the Land of the Rising Sun anytime soon, Takashimaya‘s Japan Summer Fair will get your Japanese food cravings sorted, at least. The popular food fair only runs from now till 23 May 2023, so pen down a date to visit before it’s too late!


There’s a total of eight booths at the limited-time fair, located at Basement 2 of the mall within Takashimaya Food Hall. If you’re entering via the main entrance, walk towards TWG and you’ll spot the first booth: Maruamami.


Dive straight into their signature Mochi Obanyaki Pancakes, priced from $4 apiece. You can also get three pieces for $10.

The Purple Sweet Potato ($4) is my personal favourite; this flavour comes with a creamy Japanese sweet potato paste that’s not too sweet, pairing well with the QQ pancake. There’s no actual mochi in each filling, but you get that iconic, chewy mochi pull in the obanyaki itself.


We also enjoyed the Black Sesame ($4) flavour, stuffed with a heaping helping of goma paste, as well as the unique An-Cheese ($4.50): red bean paired with tangy cream cheese.


Right next to Maruamami is i-Waffle, where you’ll find a huge variety of dessert waffle sandwiches in lesser-seen flavours such as Pumpkin ($6), Caramel Macchiato ($6.50), and Maple Almond ($6.50).


The Matcha & Chestnuts ($6.50), which features an earthy green tea middle and sweet chestnut chunks on top, is a clear winner. The Chocolate Pistachio ($7.50) waffle is no less delicious; this snack comprises thick, cake-like waffles sandwiching a rich and nutty chocolate centre.

There’s also an Azuki Strawberry Short ($6.50) filling that pairs sweet Japanese strawberries with azuki red beans.


Make a pit stop at famous Osaka brand Anri Bakery to grab a box of their Aomori Apple Pie ($6.50).


This pastry sells out early for good reason: it’s freshly baked to flaky perfection, with buttery layers and warm apple chunks within. Apparently, only apples from the Aomori prefecture are used as they’re said to be superior.


Other than the signature apple pie, we recommend the Purple Sweet Potato Pie ($6.50), which swaps out the apple chunks for Japanese sweet potato paste. Otherwise, the limited-run Chocolate Aomori Apple Pie ($6.50) is a unique option.


If you need something savoury to offset all that sweetness, drop by Ramen Takahashiya. The famous Hokkaido ramen store has flown in their chef from Japan to prepare each piping-hot bowl of ramen to order.


The Special Miso Ramen ($22.80) will fill you up nicely. This comes with a generous serving of springy noodles in a full-bodied soup that’s rich, yet not jelak.


You also get a myriad of toppings such as bamboo shoots, mixed veggies, and half a hanjuku egg.


You don’t have to fly out to Japan if you don’t have the means to—just head down to Takashimaya’s Japan Summer Food Fair for a full-on feast!


ur japan trip didn’t make it out of your group chat? SAY NO MORE 🤫🤫 Head down to Takahimaya’s Japan Food Fest that’s only on for 5 more days. Personal favs include mochi pancakes with creamy fillings and an oh-so-bouncy exterior! They even sell ramen n00dles for team savoury > sweet. They are definitely worth a try especially since they flew their Japanese chef in JUST FOR THIS EVENT!! Maybe after the trip down, ur friends will be convinced to book those airtix yall’ve been planning. Interact with this video to manifest it 😙😙 #japan #ramenrizz #sgnews #sgfoodie #mochi #osaka #shotoniphone

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Watch our TikTok video above for the full scoop.

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Address: 391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya Food Hall B2, Singapore 238872
Time: Daily 10am to 9:30pm (until 23 May 2023)
Takashimaya’s Japan Summer Fair is not a halal-certified event.

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Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This was an independent visit by Eatbook.sg.

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