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Tarik: New Industrial Cafe In Bugis With “Best” Teh Tarik In SG

16th February 2024

Tarik is a new cafe with teh tarik and coffee in Bugis


When Tarik opened along Arab Street, the humble kiosk was met with much fanfare. Many, including 8days.sg, dubbed their teh tarik the best in Singapore. Recently, the homegrown brand launched a new cafe under the same name at Bali Lane, a short stroll from their original location.


Compared to their popular takeaway kiosk that only sees a couple of benches, this cafe boasts an industrial-chic setting with concrete walls and flooring. The space fits around 20 people, including a cosy hidden nook that’s perfect for a more intimate experience.


Tarik uses the syphon brewing method to prepare their coffees and teas. In case you’re unaware, this unique technique uses vapour pressure to force the water to rise to the top of the chamber, mixing with the tea leaves or ground coffee. Then, the brew is sifted through a filter, leaving you with a cuppa that’s strong yet balanced.


Their signature Teh Tarik ($3) is served in a syphon maker for visual effect—it’s key to note that the drink isn’t prepared with it.


Nonetheless, I enjoyed this rich, fragrant, and smooth brew, prepared with Ceylon tea dust that’s specially selected by the owner. Personally, it was one of the best teh tarik I’ve had, even though it leaned sweet. I also liked how the glass chamber kept the drink warm for longer.


Our second drink of choice was The Mixed Fruits ($7.40): black tea infused with an assortment of fruits, creating a dark purple-red brew that was refreshingly tart. You also get a sugar stick to dip into your hot tea if you’d like to sweeten it up.


Those who want something trendier can consider the cafe’s latte series.


The Sunrise Cheese Latte ($7) had a nostalgic flavour that reminded us of an orange creamsicle, paired with a rich creaminess from the cheese foam on top.


Else, for a caffeinated pick-me-up, the Tiramisu Cream Latte ($7.30) is a riff on the popular Italian dessert.


This sweet treat comes with espresso and a mascarpone cheese topping, complete with a single ladyfinger biscuit for dipping.


If you’re still hungry, grab a light bite in the form of Tarik’s Roti Bakar Kaya Butter ($3.50), which gets you two slabs of white toast slathered with kaya and butter.

For even more milk tea content, check out our full guide to the best teh stalls in Singapore, where we ranked 10 places! Alternatively, if you’re looking for more grub in the area, read our Frites review for loaded beef fries at Arab Street.

Address: 16 Bali Lane, Singapore 189852
Opening hours: Daily 8am to 8pm
Tel: 9295 1955
Tarik is a Muslim-owned eatery.

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Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas.
This was an independent visit by Eatbook.sg.

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