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Get Traditional Korean Rice Cakes In Pretty Floral Designs By This Home-Based Business

8th August 2023

The Songpyeon House has traditional Korean rice cakes

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Songpyeon, which refers to traditional Korean rice cakes, is typically eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Korea. You can also find this delicacy during special occasions, such as the 100th-day celebration after a baby is born. The Songpyeon House is a locally-owned home-based business that specialises in this traditional Korean snack, which is also great as a gift for your friends and family.ย 

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Made with rice flour and organic honey, their songpyeon comes in pretty pastel colours and a variety of designs, with the flower-shaped ones being the most popular among patrons. There are a total of four options to choose from, namely Box A ($20), Box B ($20), Box C ($28), and Gift Set with Card ($30).

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Box B features 18 pieces of rice cakes in a mix of flower-shaped designs as well as round ones with adorable patterns imprinted on them. These rice cakes come in two types of filling: Peanut Sesame and Chocolate Chips. You can opt for the mixed box if you want to give both flavours a shot. FYI, their sesame seeds are fried in-house!

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On the other hand, Box C includes 40 pieces of mini floret rice cakes packed with azuki paste. Red bean paste is often used in traditional Korean rice cakes, so if you prefer to stick with something more traditional, we recommend getting Box C.

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Do note that the rice cakes are best eaten on the day of delivery or pick up from Tampines Street 32. Otherwise, they can be refrigerated for a maximum of one day, but donโ€™t forget to steam them for about 15 minutes before consuming! Place your order on their website.

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The Songpyeon House is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard.

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Featured image adapted from @thesongpyeonhouse and @the.songpyeonhouse.ย 

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