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26 Dessert Box Delivery Services For Beautiful Baked Goods From Home Bakers

5th June 2020

Send a sweet gift with these dessert box delivery services

Many homemade baked goods have been popping up on IG in the month, and it seems like ‘Circuit Baking’ is a pretty popular but difficult hobby to pick up. If your creations have yet to reach gifting standards, check out these dessert box delivery services by talented bakers who’ve already perfected the craft. 

This list compiles sweet treats across different price ranges, and also halal options for our Muslim friends. Make that special someone’s day and support these small home-based businesses at the same time!

For value-for-money box sets (<$25)

Dessert Box Delivery - Two cups flour
Image credit: @two.cups.flour

1. Two cups flour

Two cups flour is a humble home bakery selling trendy brookies, muffins, and Craquelin Choux pastry. Though their business is still small, their crackle-top cream puffs and crumbly muffins look really impressive. Get one of their Sweet Treat Boxes ($20) for an assortment of three cookies, a cake loaf, and an apple crumble muffin, or just get a whole box of six gooey Dark Chocolate Muffins for $15.

They deliver islandwide for a flat fee of $4. For free delivery, order more than $40 worth of their treats! Do note that orders are only sent out on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

DM their Instagram to order.

2. Say Awww 

The newly opened home bakery Say Awww was started by a pair of sisters, who found themselves baking every day during this stay-home period. Each one of their dainty Petite Boxes ($12.90) comes with a macaron, a lemon meringue tartlet, a brownie, and three Earl Grey shortbread cookies. For a larger set, grab their Grande Box ($27.90) that comes with more treats and an additional slice of Oreo cheesecake. 

There’s a minimum order of $25, as well as a flat fee of $6 for delivery. For free delivery, place an order of at least $50. Right now, they are running an opening launch that offers free delivery for a minimum spend of just $25. You will also get a personalised card together with your dessert boxes!

Say Aww order form

3. A Bite Of Joy

This baked goods specialist makes custom cakes and runs bake sales every month. They sell fudgy assorted Brownies ($11), melty Basque cheesecakes, as well as chewy Brookies ($11). There is a different variety each time, but keep a lookout for their Chococheese Box ($20), which contains two brookies, brownies, and slices of oozy burnt cheesecake. 

They offer islandwide dessert delivery for a flat fee of $10, during fixed time slots. Alternatively, you can opt for a pick up at their collection points instead. 

WhatsApp 9087 5845 to order.

4. The Cocoa Spatula

You can probably tell from its name that The Cocoa Spatula specialises in chocolatey baked treats. Their Original Fudge Brownies ($15 for 12 pieces) are made with a 60% Couverture chocolate base. Try a box of their Hojicha Brownies ($18 for 12 pieces) for a delicate balance of sweet chocolate brownie and bitter roasted green tea.

Delivery fees range from $10 to $15, based on your location, and they deliver only on fixed dates and timings. Alternatively, you can just do a pick up at their collection point located at 94B Bedok North Avenue 4.

DM their Instagram to order.

5. My Humble Bakes

Recently opened in April, My Humble Bakes is another fresh entrant to the home bakery scene. A box of nine Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies will set you back $15 while a box of their newly released Speculoos Cupcakes are priced at $18. Available during bake sales, their All In One ($30) dessert box features an assortment of crumble muffins, brownies, eclairs, and a mini chocolate cake.

They are open for orders at the beginning of every week, and send orders out every Sunday. There is free delivery for residents in Pasir Ris and Tampines, while a $5 to $10 delivery fee applies for other regions. Alternatively, put in an order of more than $60 for free delivery islandwide!

DM their Instagram to order.

6. Semisweetdn

This online home bakery sells a wide selection of dainty desserts including pastel-coloured macarons, mini cupcakes, fruit tarts, and cookies. Their buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies come in a box of 12 which costs $14. For something a little more elegant, get their IG-worthy Macarons ($1.50 each), and choose from flavours such as matcha and salted caramel.

Their Bake Sale Boxes ($29.90) are inclusive of delivery, but do take note that delivery slots are fixed. For other orders, delivery fees are calculated based on your location, or you can opt for self-collection at Bukit Timah Plaza instead.

DM their Instagram to order.

7. A Wild Flower Bakery

Standing out from our list of indulgent desserts, A Wild Flower Bakery’s baked goods won’t sabotage your Circuit Breaker bod. They are low-carb and sugar-free, making them suitable for keto diets, and even diabetics. A box of six of their Original Cinnamon Baked Donuts are priced at $23, and a bottle of their keto Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cookies are priced at $25.

They offer delivery services during this stay-home period, at a flat rate of $6 islandwide. Do note that delivery slots and orders must be booked at least three days in advance!

A Wild Flower Bakery order form

8. Dream Hearts

Dream Hearts puts a unique spin on ordinary pineapple tarts by shaping them in unique designs such as fortune cats and smiley faces. They’re currently selling a box of their Smiley Tarts at $16 for 18 pieces, and a box of the Fortune Cat Tarts at $18 for eight pieces. Order at least two boxes to score free delivery. Otherwise, there’ll be a delivery charge of $4 to $6 depending on your location.

DM their Instagram to order.

9. Butter Fingers Bakehouse

The bakes from this home bakery have a minimalist charm to them. On their small menu, they feature Matcha Chestnut Cupcakes ($21.50) adorned with small petals of cherry blossom, as well as dainty Earl Grey Lavender ($15) pound cakes infused with a touch of lemon. Right now, they are offering a promotional box, allowing you to mix and match their pound cake flavours. These are sold at $15 for a box of four and $21.50 for a box of six.

They are currently running delivery promotions, and provide islandwide delivery at a flat rate of $8.50. Otherwise, they have a standard delivery base rate of $10, with surcharges starting from $3 for deliveries made to the North and West regions. You can also opt for self-collection at Punggol Central.

Butter Fingers Bakehouse order form

For dessert boxes to impress someone (>$25)

Dessert Box Delivery - Frosted by Fang
Image credit: @frostedbyfang

10. Frosted by Fang

Helmed by a talented baker, Frosted by Fang is a home-owned bakery selling elaborate cakes, rosemary olive oil loaves stuffed with chocolate, gooey dark chocolate lava cookies, matcha speculoos cheesecake brownies, and other delectable treats. Bake sales are held every month at $25 a box, and each one is filled to the brim with a different mix of baked goods. 

Islandwide delivery is available for a flat dessert box delivery fee of $10, or you can opt for self-collection instead.

DM their Instagram to order.

11. Dee Bakes

Besides multi-tiered custom cakes, this popular home bakery also puts out assorted dessert boxes that are great for stay-home gifts. These bake sale boxes differ every month, and their latest bake sale box was priced at $26. It contained maple bacon cupcakes, stuffed brownies, and thick Levain-style cookies. 

Islandwide delivery is available for a flat delivery fee of $10. Alternatively, you can just opt for a pickup directly at Toa Payoh instead. 

DM their Instagram to order.

12. Stackies.co

Stackies.co may be relatively new to the home-bakery scene, but their personalised baked boxes look like the work of professionals with their elegant printed cards and individually wrapped treats. If you’re not sure what your friends like, go for their popular Mochi Brownies ($25) or NYC Cookies ($25) that comes with a mix of two different flavours.

They deliver islandwide for a flat rate of $8, and delivery is free for orders above $60. Note that delivery slots are subject to availability, or you can opt for a pickup instead.

DM their Instagram to order.

13. thevanbakes

Specialising in custom dessert tables and tiered cakes, this home bakery churns out an impressive selection of baked goods, including dessert boxes nearly every week. Their most recent bake sale had the Dessert Box 3.0 ($28) which contained Earl Grey cookies, cornflake caramel crunch brownies, baked cheesecake cups, a mini blueberry yoghurt cake loaf, and a Swiss roll, all packed into a single order. 

Their delivery fees range from $5 to $15 based on your location. They are based in Tampines if you prefer self-collection instead.

DM their Instagram to order.

14. Unsalted Butter

Known as @muyeombutter on Instagram, this aesthetic home bakery will serve you all the Korean cafe vibes you need. They recently launched a new series of care packs such as the Sarang (Love) Packs ($27) which come with sea salt chocolate cookies, black tea scones, and mini walnut banana Bundt cakes. To commemorate the ‘recovery’ phase of this post-Circuit Breaker period, they also have a Baeryeo (Regards) Pack ($31), that comes with carrot cake, Earl Grey lemon tea cakes, and buttery matcha scones.

They provide islandwide delivery for a flat delivery fee of $5. Do check out their available dessert box delivery slots in their IG highlights before placing your orders!

DM their Instagram to order.

For special occasions (>$35)

Dessert Box Delivery - Miss Van Dough
Image credit: @missvandough

15. Miss Van Dough

This popular home bakery sets up weekend bake sales nearly every week, and their box of desserts are filled with a different mix of treats each time. Their most recent Care Package ($40) contained chunky cookies, Nutella cookie cups, a banana walnut cake slice, chocolate chip cookies, and homemade granola.

They provide islandwide dessert box delivery for a flat fee of $10.


16. She Sells Seashells

The beautiful French-inspired bakes from She Sells Seashells is a feast for both your eyes and your tummy. They launch bake sales every month, and their May Bake Sale Set ($38) featured their spring-themed Picked Cherry Blossom Financiers, Pistachio & Macadamia Cookies, and Matcha & Yuzu Madeleines that are lightly glazed with Roku gin.

Delivery fees for residents in Bukit Panjang is $7, and other regions have a flat delivery fee of $10. Do note that they only deliver on weekends. If you live near Senja Road neighbourhood, opt for self-collection instead!

DM their Instagram to order.

17. Esther Grace Cake

Formerly known as My Sister Bakes, Esther Grace Cake is one of the OGs in the home bakery scene. Besides stunningly elaborate custom cakes, they also sell dessert boxes and open bake sales every month. Their most recent June Dessert Box includes a moist lemon blueberry yoghurt loaf, thick brookies, a classic chocolate chip muffin, and mini chocolate cookie butter tarts. 

They provide dessert box delivery, for a $3 fee, to different locations at specific time slots. You will have to book these slots in advance via their monthly order forms.


18. The Dessert Party

The Dessert Party specialises in organising dessert tables for events, and recently branched out into making dessert boxes with small baked treats. Their Stay Home Dessert Pack ($40) contains a long list of sweets, including tartlets, tea cakes, cookies, brownies, and even a sticky toffee pudding. Each box even comes with a customised card, so you can surprise someone special with this thoughtful and yummy gift.

Each order of their Stay Home Pack comes with free delivery. However, an $8 surcharge applies if you want your dessert boxes delivered on a specific date and time.

WhatsApp 9435 0556 to order.

19. My Daily Bread

Though they started out with colourful macaron towers, My Daily Bread has since expanded, and is now selling many other baked treats such as Basque burnt cheesecake, Levian-style giant cookies, and dainty tea cakes. In the past few months, they’ve been churning out Stay Home Dessert Boxes, with prices ranging from $40 to $55, containing their signature macarons, burnt cheesecake slices, and even tiramisu.

Each order of their dessert box comes with free delivery, but a $10 surcharge applies if you want your order delivered on a specific date and time.

My Daily Bread order form

20. KY Pâtisserie

The pastries from KY Pâtisserie look like works of art. From elegant short-crust pastry tarts, to stunning choux puffs, you can get a mini assortment of their French-inspired bakes assembled in their Pastry Giftbox ($35). Each box comes with a selection of 12 baked treats including Valrhona brookies, uniquely flavoured madeleines, three different petit tartlets, choux cream puffs, and a slice of spiced carrot cake.

They offer islandwide dessert box delivery for $10. However, if you live in Pasir Ris, Tampines, and Simei, delivery fees are only $5. You can also choose to do a self-collection at Pasir Ris, but only within the time frame of 11am to 11:30am, and 6pm to 7pm.


Halal options

Dessert Box Delivery - Oh! Butter
Image credit: @ohbuttersg

21. Oh, Butter!

This online bakery serves an impressive range of bite-sized desserts, such as fudge brownies, mini fruit tarts, cheese tarts, cookie bites and much more. Each family-sized box of their Cookie Pods ($27) comes with four different flavours of mini cookie tarts. For something a little more decadent, get a box of good ol’ Fudge Brownies ($25) that are topped with drizzles of Nutella and salted caramel.

They deliver islandwide for a flat delivery fee of $10. Alternatively,vyou can opt for self-collection at Pasir Ris. 

DM their Instagram to order.

22. Bites & Crumbs

Dessert spreads and wedding cakes may be their speciality, but this home-based bakery has also ventured into making smaller sweet and savoury treats in their Snack Bundle ($35). Each box comes with a bottle of their salted egg cornflakes, a refreshing piece of strawberry watermelon icebox cake, as well as Callebaut cookies and donuts.

They work with couriers to deliver islandwide, with delivery fees ranging from $12 to $35. 

DM their Instagram or WhatsApp 94426917 to order.

23. MiX n Co

This Muslim-owned home-based bakery sells an assortment of gorgeous tarts, reminiscent of June Bakery‘s old-school tarts, with a unique mix of flavours including mouthwatering brown butter banana, zesty key lime, and decadent salted caramel chocolate ganache tarts. A box of 12 medium-sized tarts will set you back $36, and you can choose to mix and match your flavours!

They deliver islandwide on fixed dates, for a flat delivery fee of $5. 

DM their Instagram to order.

24. Mirzah Sweets & Pastries

This humble home bakery certainly has the fix for your sweet tooth—think cream puffs, eclairs, tarts, and brownies. One Standard Taster Box ($23) contains four cream puffs, two fudgy brownies, and two tarts, while an Eclair Taster Box ($27) comes with four additional eclairs. You can choose the fillings of your puffs and eclairs, or even customise your own taster box if you’d like.

They deliver islandwide for a flat delivery fee of $6 per address. Remember to refer to their IG highlights for the available delivery slots before placing an order!

Mirzah Sweets & Pastries order form

25. My Favourite Things Bakery

The elaborately decorated cupcakes and cakes from My Favourite Things Bakery are no doubt the work of a professional, and this attention to detail certainly applies to the treats in their bake sale boxes too. They’re currently working on curating a fresh set of desserts for their next bake sale, so do keep an eye out for it when pre-orders open!

Islandwide delivery fees range from $15 to $20, based on your location. You’ll also have to book delivery slots when they open for pre-orders. 


26. Baking Soba

Baking Soba is a smaller, Muslim-owned home bakery selling their sweet, rustic bakes online. A box of their homely brownies ranges from $15 to $17, and features flavours such as Salted Caramel ($16) and Biscoff Cheesecake ($17). Grab a box of two Lavender Swiss Rolls ($14) for a taste of their aromatic floral sponge.

Their islandwide dessert box delivery fees range from $4 to $11, depending on your location. Deliveries are made daily from 4pm to 6pm.

DM their Instagram to order.

Feature image adapted from @shesells.seashells, @thecocoaspatula, and @thedessertparty.

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