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This Korean Restaurant Has $18.90 Set Menus In Hillview

17th May 2023

Wang Family Kitchen has an affordable Korean daily set menu at just $18.90


If you want to find legit Korean food in Singapore, then Beauty World and its surroundings are the place to be. Hillview is one MRT stop away from Beauty World, but with Wang Family Kitchen located in a corner of Hillview CC, I’d argue it’s close enough to prove my point correct about the whole area being a great place for Korean cuisine of all varieties. 


Run by a Korean family, the restaurant’s chill, comfortable atmosphere makes for a nice place to just relax and chat as you feast on their daily menu set consisting of homely Korean dishes, which is a steal at only $18.90 nett per person!


While the dishes are neatly laid out at the counter, the set is actually delivered to you at your table in small dishes on a tray, banchan-style. They used to offer their set menu as a free flow, value-for-money buffet that you could top up, but has since changed it due to the pandemic.  


What’s on the menu differs each day, and you can consult the restaurant’s social media pages to see what’s being offered, such as this tender Pork Bulgogi that comes with a generous amount of savoury, marinated meat, and julienned vegetables. 


Here, the menu leans towards homely dishes and sides that wouldn’t look out of place on a Korean dinner table. You have some classic cabbage and cubed radish kimchi of course, as well as more uncommon fare such as Jjolmyeon, a chewy, spicy sweet and sour cold noodle that is a popular snack bar dish back in Korea.


We particularly liked their version of Yangnyeom Chicken, which featured small fried chunks of chicken coated in a sticky, sweet and spicy red sauce. 

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They also have lighter, snack-like dishes, including this crunchy Sweet Pumpkin Croquette, which has a generous filling-to-batter ratio. 


Each dine in order comes with a refreshing, simple bowl of soup to clear your palate after tasting each dish. The Seaweed Soup here was hot and clear, with just the right amount of seasoning so it wasn’t too salty. 


Dessert here often includes fruits and another sweet treat. We had some sweet, juicy Pineapple cubes and a chewy Home Made Waffle, which was just the right portion to round off what was an extremely filling and affordable meal. 

Aside from their value set meal, they also have limited daily specials, such as Kimchi Stew ($19.50), which comes with rice, five side dishes, water, and the day’s dessert. Of course, this changes each day too. Other specials include Samyetang ($19.50)– Korean chicken soup infused with ginseng or Beef Bone Soup ($19.50), so do be sure to check out what they’re serving on their social media pages before you head down!

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Address: 1 Hillview Rise, #01-04 Hillview Community Club, Singapore 667970
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 9pm
Wang Family Kitchen is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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Photos taken by Tan Jia Hui.
This was an independent visit by


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