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Wooga Jjajang Opens New Stall With Bibimbap And Knife-Cut Noodles At Old Airport Road

16th January 2024

Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu has legit Korean food at Old Airport Road

In August 2023, our team went down to Wooga Jjajang at Old Airport Airport Road Food Centre to try their jjajangmyeon with braised pork belly. Needless to say, our experience was a great one: legit, delicious Korean food at wallet-friendly prices, and a hospitable Korean chef who spoke fluent English were just some noteworthy points. So when we heard that they recently opened another stall by the name of Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu at the same hawker centre, we knew that fans of Korean food would be equally thrilled. 

Wooga-Bimbowl-Kalguksu-wooga-jjajang-storefront (4)

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Wooga Jjajang stands at #01-84, while Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu can be found at #01-72 of Old Airport Road Food Centre.

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Image adapted from: @singaporefoodie

As their name suggests, Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu specialises in bibimbap and kalguksu AKA knife-cut noodles. You’ll see rows of fresh vegetables displayed at the counter, which are used in their bibimbap such as the Pork Bulgogi Bibimbowl ($6). This vibrant dish comprises stir-fried pork, zucchini, lettuce, bean sprouts, shredded seaweed and more! We recommend this to those who love variety in their food, or those looking for a healthier alternative to other hawker delights.

Wooga-Bimbowl-Kalguksu-lala-kalguksu (1)

Else, go for their knife-cut noodles: Spicy Lala Kalguksu ($8), Kimchi Dumpling Kalguksu ($9.50), and Myong Dong Kalguksu ($9.50) are popular items on their menu. 

Wooga-Bimbowl-Kalguksu-lala-kalguksu (2)

FYI, we tried their Spicy Lala Kalguksu when we visited Wooga Jjajang last year. Our favourite thing about this dish was the broth—we were told that it’s simmered for some time using anchovies and chicken, which are key ingredients to giving the soup a rich and robust flavour. Plus, you get a huge pile of fresh and chewy lala in each bowl! 

Wooga-Bimbowl-Kalguksu-kimchi-dumpling-kalguksu (1)
Image adapted from: @singaporefoodie

If you prefer meat to seafood, get their Kimchi Dumpling Kalguksu instead. This hearty meal features kimchi, minced pork, and two dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables.

For more solid Korean food in Singapore, read our D’RIM Korean Steak House review, where we tried perilla buckwheat noodles and more in Orchard. There’s also SODENG Korean Restaurant in Telok Ayer for a unique K-BBQ duck experience. 

Address: 51 Old Airport Road, #01-72, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Singapore 390051
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 2pm, 5pm to 8:30pm
Wooga Bimbowl & Kalguksu is not a halal-certified eatery.

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