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Monnani Kwabaeggi: Korean Ugly Pretzels Will Be Making Its International Debut In Singapore

12th April 2018

Korean ugly pretzels are coming to Singapore

Monnani Kwabbaegi - Monnani Pretzel
Image credit: @ej_1128

Whenever Korean street food is mentioned, the more well-known ones such as tteokbokki or Korean sweet pancake come to mind immediately. Something that’s not so familiar to many fans would be Korean ugly pretzels, a sweet and chewy Korean snack, with looks similar to a twisted donut, but uglier like its name suggests. If you’ve not tried it before, don’t fret, as the first international branch of Monnani Kwabaeggi, which specialises in these Korean ugly pretzels, is scheduled to hit the shores of our little red dot on 24 April 2018.

What’s more, the first 200 customers to pay a visit to this stall on the day of its opening will be given a free pretzel!

Monnani Kwabbaegi - Red Bean Donut
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These Korean ugly pretzels are made using glutinous rice. They are then deep-fried and rolled in a bed of sugar. At Monnani Kwabbaegi, there is also red bean donut, made the same way as an ugly pretzel, just in the shape of a round donut filled with red bean paste. These remind us of sweet red bean ham cheem peng, though whether or not they taste exactly the same, we can’t tell you yet.

The first Monnani Kwabbaegi outlet in Singapore will be found in the CBD, at Hong Leong Building. If you’re an office bee looking for a mid-day snack, pop by for a quick treat! Those who can leave the office for a while on 24 April, remember to drop by early for a chance to try this Korean snack for free!

We’ll keep this article updated with prices and flavours of the Korean ugly pretzels available at Monnani Kwabbaegi’s Singapore outlet.

For more Korean food in Singapore, check out these affordable Korean food places or Dookki, which offers tteokbokki buffet!

Address: 16 Raffles Quay, Hong Leong Building, #B1-48, Singapore 048581
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am to 6pm, Satt 8:30am to 2pm

Featured image adapted from Instagram user @ej_1128‘s post.


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