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Get More Than 50 Appam Flavours At This Republic Polytechnic Stall

12th May 2023

Appam Aunty at Republic Polytechnic has more than 50 appam flavours

It’s common for people to remember their favourite food stall from school, but I’m particularly envious of the students at Republic Polytechnic. They have a popular Indian-Malay food stall, Appam Aunty, which sells a whopping variety of over 50 appam flavours and other Indian-Malay dishes. 

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Appam is a thin pancake which originated from South India and Sri Lanka. It is typically prepared with a mixture of fermented rice batter and coconut milk, that’s then cooked in a deep, wok-like pan, allowing the pancake to form a soft and fluffy centre, with a thin crispy crust. 

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What’s unique about their menu is the locally inspired items, such as the Ondeh Ondeh Appam ($6) and Kaya Toast Appam ($5.50). The former features sweet palm sugar, finished with fragrant shredded coconut, while the latter has a spread of kaya and a slab of creamy butter. 

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Otherwise, you can also opt for their classic Plain Appam (from $2.80). Pair it with your choice of dip such as Fish Curry or Coconut Milk

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Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, go straight for their Nasi Lemak Appam ($6), which has a fluffy egg centre, accompanied with cucumber slices and a dollop of sweet-spicy sambal chilli, packed with ikan bilis.

If you’re with friends, get their combos to share, including Aunty’s Sweet Tooth Combo ($17), which comprises three flavours: Ondeh Ondeh, Red Velvet, and Coffee Biscoff. You can even order their signature dips to pair with the appam. They have Dal Tadka ($2), AKA a popular spicy Indian gravy made with lentils, Tomato Chutney ($1), and more.

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Veera Manoharan

For a more substantial meal, order yourself some Garlic Butter Rice With Chicken Cutlet And Curry ($10.50) or Nasi Lemak With Muar Otah ($15). You can also top up to have additional offerings such as egg (+$1) and achar (+$1).

You should also complete your meal with their freshly brewed drinks, which include aromatic and spiced Ginger Cardomom Chai ($4.50), Masala Chai ($4.50), and Madras Filter Coffee ($4.50).

If you’re organising an appam party at home, get yours delivered with a minimum order of $30, or opt for self pick-up at the stall.  

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Address: 27 Woodlands Avenue 9, #01-05, North Food Court, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore 737909
Opening hours: Daily 7:30am to 7:30pm
Tel: 8860 8506
Appam Aunty is a halal-certified eatery. 

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Feature image adapted from @george.kooi and @dlionb.

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