New Eastern Kim Tee Has Bak Kwa Fries At Serangoon Gardens
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New Eastern Kim Tee Has Deep-Fried Bak Kwa Fries At Serangoon Gardens

18th December 2020

Bak Kwa Fries by Kim Tee

While most of us are readying to queue for char-grilled sheets of sweet barbecued pork over Chinese New Year, New Eastern Kim Tee has decided to one-up the game with deep-fried Bak Kwa Fries.

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Branded as thicker and juicier than regular bak kwa, these fries see the barbecued pork snack sliced into thick strips rather than sheets. After being sliced, they are deep-fried, then served in french fry cartons. Each box is sold for a special opening price of $6, and made to order.

These fries are available at the New Eastern Kim Tee flagship at Serangoon Gardens and Chinatown.

For those who don’t know, New Eastern Kim Tee is a heritage bak kwa brand that has been around since the 1970s.

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They still use a heritage recipe pioneered by founder Mr Teo Kim Tee some 40-odd years ago for all their bak kwa products, which are also 100% handmade.

Made with minced pork, their bak kwa is decently sweet, smoky, and tender. The bak kwa fries, given that they’re deep-fried, are slightly denser and require more chew.

Apart from these new products, New Eastern Kim Tee also sells a number of other bak kwa products and Chinese New Year goodies.

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Choose from Normal, Coin, Chilli, or Black Pepper bak kwa, with prices starting at $18 for 300g. They also have a fun DIY option, where you can prepare your own pork jerky in a self-heating pack, priced at $18.

They also sell treats such as Pork Floss (from $15 for 300g), Xiang Bing pastries ($9 for 10 pieces), Pineapple Balls ($16 for 400g), and more.

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You can order all of these, including the bak kwa fries, all on their online store here, apart from purchasing them in-stores. Bak kwa, however, is under pre-order still. It’s available for order on their pre-order website.

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