Kedai Kopi At Clementi Is A Stall That Has XXL Bandung Yakult For $3.90
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Kedai Kopi At Clementi Is A Stall That Has XXL Bandung Yakult For $3.90

29th December 2020

500ml Bandung Yakult at Kedai Kopi in Clementi

In November, it was announced that Clementi would have a new all-halal kopitiam open. Named Kedai Kopi, the coffeeshop at Clementi Avenue 5 is a collaboration between Kimly Coffeeshop and Tenderfresh Group, promising nine halal stalls. They have recently opened, and amongst all the good food available, we were struck by a hidden gem find: XXL Bandung Yakult.

bandung yakult

Image credit: Kedai Kopi

Sold at Kedai Kopi’s flagship drinks stall for $3.90, this drink is called the Bandung Grenade. Available in an adorable 500ml bottle, this drink combines bandung and grape cultured milk, as well as “some secret ingredients to recreate the shiokness of Yakult,” according to Kedai Kopi’s Facebook post.

The beverage will also contain probiotics, just like the original, so you can also sip on it and tell yourself that it’s all in the name of health.

Even though the drink comes in an XXL Yakult bottle, the coffee shop assures customers that it definitely won’t taste diluted too.

kedai kopi xxl bandung yakult

Image credit: @kedaikopisg

The Bandung Grenade definitely reminds us of the viral 500ml Yakult spotted at Don Don Donki recently.

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Apart from the Bandung Grenade, Kedai Kopi also has other intriguing hawker dishes. One is the Mee Bagus ($3.50), a halal version of bak chor mee without pork or vinegar. Instead, the bowl is loaded with minced chicken, chicken balls, and a hanjuku egg. The mee pok is also tossed in a chicken oil dressing, reminiscent of mie ayam.

Image credit: @kedaikopisg

There is also 380 Nasi Lemak, which serves har cheong gai chicken with nasi lemak in their Shrimp Paste Chicken Set ($3.50).

Muslims can also enjoy a variety of local hawker classics lard- and pork-free thanks to Hawkerman Street Kitchen. They serve Muslim-friendly renditions of Hokkien Mee (from $4), Carrot Cake (from $3), Oyster Omelette (from $4.50), and Char Kway Teow (from $4.50).

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Kedai Kopi has definitely enriched the West-side food scene, but for more dining options there, check out our Clementi food guide. 

For more hidden gems in the area, check out our TORCHED review, spotlighting the Western food stall with XXL meat platters. There is also our guide to the best stalls in Clementi 448 hawker centre.

Address: Blk 380 Clementi Avenue 5, Singapore 120380
Opening hours: Daily 6:30am to 11pm

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