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Popular Online Bakery Banele Opens Physical Store In Newton

7th March 2024

Banele has opened their first physical store near Newton

All you Banele campers, we’ve got good news for you: the ultra-popular online bakery has finally opened their first physical store near Newton. Now, you can walk in to buy your favourite banana bread-brownie-canele bakes anytime of the week, besides Monday.

banele - classic banele in box min
Image credit: @breadhippo

Banele’s shop is due to open on 8 March 2024, Friday, in the brand-new Chancery Court. For those who are taking the train, this is a 13-minute walk from Newton MRT Station, opposite Balmoral Plaza. At this store, you’ll be able to walk in to purchase their goodies or pick up your preorders.

The former online home business first shot to fame three years ago, with their first launch in March 2021 being an absolute hit. You’d have to camp online for their drops, at which point it was fastest fingers first for the small number of boxes the husband-and-wife team churned out of their home oven. FYI, the launches have always been sold out in mere minutes.

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What is a banele, you may ask—it’s “not your average banana bread”, their website proclaims, filled with a dark chocolate centre of 70% Valrhona Guanaja chocolate. It is the best bits of a brownie, redolent with an intense banana flavour, packed into a little square that’s got the crusty sides of a canele.

banele - classic banele cross section
Image credit: @breadhippo

If this is the first time you’re trying Banele, start with their signature Banele – Classic (from $14). It’s fudgy, rich, and absolutely addictive, especially when reheated correctly.

Then, you have Banele – Classic (Amande), which stars a centre of Valrhona ground almond couverture. Inspired by dulce de leche, this replaces the chocolate centre with an almond one, and is priced from $15 for a box of two.

banele - PBJ
Image credit: @vanessa_kou

Another option you could try is Banele – Classic (PBJ). In case the name wasn’t explanation enough, this sees the classic peanut butter and jelly at its heart. FYI, the jam isn’t house-made, but Valrhona raspberry jam, which is just as good. This is only available in boxes of four ($34) or six ($50).

To have a sampling of these three, go for the assorted box of six ($44), comprising two baneles of each flavour.

banele - petite bundt
Image credit: @banelesg

Where the baneles are baked with their respective fillings, you can also order Banele’s bundts: the fillings in these are piped in after baking. There’s the Original ($13), which gets you four petite 4.5cm-wide bundts, or The Banele Bundt ($50), that’s six inches big and good for four to six.

banele - mega banele bundt
Image credit: @banelesg

Finally, the largest option is the MEGA Banele Bundt ($120). This huge bake is 10 inches wide, and good for 10 or more guests: perfect for parties.

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banele x kneaded by han - matcha banele tart
Image credit: @kneadedbyhan

P.S.: While not halal-certified, Banele claims to be halal-friendly. The ingredients that go into the banele batter are halal-certified; they’re also able to bake for large orders at a halal-certified factory should you want to order their classic baneles. Keep an eye on their Instagram page for seasonal specials, with flavours such as Yuzu Lavender, molten Salted Egg Yolk, as well as collaborations with Kneaded By Han and more. They’ve even had a White Lotus Jasmine Mooncake banele for Mid Autumn Festival!

Other online bakers who’ve made it to brick-and-mortar stores include She Sells Seashells, specialising in madeleines and financiers, as well as Elijah Pies, whose famous pies can now be found in Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Address: 36H Dunearn Road, #02-44, Chancery Court, Singapore 309433
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am to 5pm
Tel: 8860 1311
Banele is not a halal-certified eatery

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Feature image adapted from @breadhippo, @banelesg

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