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Beastly Girls: Artisanal Sandwich Cafe In Katong with Hearty Beef Tongue Sandwiches

3rd May 2023

Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar Has Hearty Artisanal Sandwiches 

Katong is one of those parts of Singapore that’s absolutely saturated with cafes, which means you’re guaranteed to find one that satisfies any specific craving. Maybe you have the urge to sink your teeth into an absolute chonker of a sandwich. If that’s the case, check out Beastly Girls Sandwich Bar, a new cafe that requires you to show up with a real appetite. 

Image credit: @katong.joochiat

Started by two friends, Lynn Heng and Jezamine Tan, the small 12-seater eatery specialises in hefty, artisanal sandwiches made with quality ingredients. They also have a small dessert and beverage menu available, as well as changing daily specials written on the glossy panel at the counter. 

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Beastly Girls’ breakfast menu is available all day, while the lunch menu is available after 11am. Whatever time you choose to come by, start your day right with The Breakfast Beast ($16), a Cubano sandwich with nitrite-free pork sausages, scrambled eggs, ketchup, and gooey cheddar. 

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For lunch, try the signature Beastly Girls ($16.50), an open-faced sandwich that is way more filling than it seems. Featuring meaty chunks of flame-torched beef tongue, the beef is tender and practically melts in your mouth. And with fried egg, melted emmental, Dijon mustard, and mayo in the mix, this is a surprisingly hearty, balanced delight that would sate even the most ravenous appetite. 

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Image credit: @beastly.girls

Those who want something spicier can go for the popular Hot Bird ($16), a chicken sandwich seasoned with housemade spicy Peruvian chilli sauce and pickled chillies that give this sandwich a nice kick as you chow down on the thicc breaded chicken thigh.

Image credit: Isaac Sim

Vegetarian options here include the breakfast menu’s Avo & Eggs ($14.50) and the lunch menu’s signature Magic Mushroom ($14.80). The latter has a mound of juicy, grilled mushrooms over a housemade dairy-free truffle cashew cream and topped with more pickled chilli. 

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Drinks-wise, they have smooth, well-balanced specialty coffee made with a two bean blend from local roasters Dutch Colony Coffee Co., as well as unique Niang Brewery craft beers to go with your meal.

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Address: 11 East Coast Road, #01-18, The Odeon Katong, Singapore 428722

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 8am to 3pm ⁣, Sat-Sun 8am to 4pm
Beastly Girls is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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Feature image adapted from @beastly.girls and Jason Chen

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