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We Rank The Best Supermarket White Bread

8th September 2023

Best supermarket white bread in Singapore


After sorting through the best kaya brands in Singapore, I mulled over my next ranking quest. As I enjoyed my peanut butter toast, an idea struck me: why not dive into the world of bread, or more specifically, supermarket white bread? After all, it’s a pantry staple many of us rely on for breakfast, a teatime snack, or to sort the late-night munchies. 

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As a hardcore bread lover, I can assure you that not all loaves are created equal. From crust to crumb, we’ll uncover the nuances that set each brand apart. And since we’re all about keeping things accessible, I’ve focused on brands you can easily find in NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage. 

Here are the 7 best supermarket white bread you can find in Singapore, ranked.

The criteria

Before crowning the ultimate champion of supermarket white bread in Singapore, I’ve crafted a set of five categories to ease the daunting task of decision-making.

Untoasted: How does the bread stand solo? From its texture to taste, we’ll assess its qualities—whether it’s delightfully moist or dry, and whether its flavour is discernibly malty or overwhelmingly so. It shouldn’t be too thin, nor should it be too thick. We’re looking for balance here.

Toasted: The ideal slice should be crispy outside yet tender within, while not excessively flaky or overly crumbly. Each slice of bread gets the same toasting time for a fair showdown.

Compatibility with spread: Can this bread complement other spreads, such as butter?

Crust: The crust should not be overly parched nor carry any bitter notes. It should be soft and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the bread.

Value: We’ll compare the price and quantity of slices for each loaf. 

7. Swissbake


Introducing our first contender: Swissbake Country White Toast Bread, which can be found at Cold Storage for $3.55 per loaf. I had high hopes for this brand, as they seemed more atas compared to the others, at least in terms of packaging. I was eager to see if the bread inside matched up to the impression.

A loaf gets you 12 slices of white bread that leaned thick, so I got my hands on a piece and gave it a soft squeeze. I’m actually one of those rare souls who enjoy bread crust, but I must say, this one was a tad too thick for my liking. No biggie though—it peels off with ease, if you’re not a fan of the crust.


Swissbake’s white bread sports many uneven holes. It’s the most porous of the bunch, but it also has the widest surface area, perfect for a generous slathering of your favourite spread.

My first bite revealed a slightly dense texture, but it came with a pleasant buttery note that won me over. Surprisingly, the crust wasn’t as bitter as I anticipated—in fact, it tasted pretty neutral.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t my favourite toast. It was hard and flaky, similar to what you’d get at in-flight meals. The bread also left crumbly bits scattered everywhere and was noticeably dry. The silver lining, however, was its unique malt-like flavour, which paired nicely with a thin layer of butter.

While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Swissbake white bread’s texture, I can’t deny the allure of its buttery charm. My suggestion would be to go easy on the toasting, though this bread is best savoured as is, layered with a pat of butter.

Untoasted: 3/5
Toasted: 2/5
Compatibility with spread: 3/5
Crust: 2.5/5
Value: 3/5

Total: 54%

6. Bonjour


Moving on to the next player in our white bread showdown: Bonjour Enriched White Bread. I snagged this one from NTUC Fairprice for $2.30 per loaf. The first thing I did upon laying hands on the bread was to inspect the crust. Similar to Swissbake, Bonjour’s white bread showcased a dry crust, but this time around, peeling it off proved to be a bit of a challenge. It crumbled and flaked as I attempted to remove it. The leftover crust also left a bitter aftertaste.


As for the bread itself, I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully moist its centre was. The sides did lean a bit drier, though. Visually, the bread appeared smooth with tightly packed air pockets. There were few air holes in sight, so you get a smooth canvas to spread that butter.


Fresh out of the bag, the bread had a raw, doughy essence taste-wise. Thankfully, this was no longer the case once it was toasted. The toasted version had a biscuit-like flavour and despite being on the tough side, I thoroughly enjoyed how it tasted on its own. Among our contenders, Bonjour’s toast was the least flaky.

If you prefer white bread that carries some flavour, Bonjour might just be your go-to. Its malty undertones deliver an appetising touch to this classic staple, particularly when enjoyed with a layer of butter.

Untoasted: 2.5/5
Toasted: 3.5/5
Compatibility with spread: 3.5/5
Crust: 2/5
Value: 4/5

Total: 62%

5. Meadows


Priced at $1.80 per loaf, Meadows Enriched White Bread was one of the cheapest loaves we reviewed. Interestingly, it was also the one that my colleague and I did not see eye to eye on. While he wasn’t a fan of the bread’s chewy texture, I personally found it quite appealing, since it reminded me of sourdough. The real surprise came when we sliced into it—the centre was unexpectedly soft and moist.


The crust leaned towards the thinner side, which was a win for my crust-averse colleague. He even exclaimed, “You can eat the whole thing without even noticing the crust!” The bread itself didn’t boast any standout flavours. It sat comfortably in the middle with a neutral profile—neither too sweet nor too savoury. This neutrality makes it a suitable canvas for your favourite spreads and toppings.


When untoasted, the bread bore a resemblance to Bonjour’s white bread, featuring compact grains with minimal air pockets, but with a smoother feel overall. Even after toasting, Meadows’ white bread retained its chewiness, which led me to believe it’d be a good choice for crafting some satisfyingly chewy, cheese-laden toasts.

Untoasted: 3/5
Toasted: 3/5
Compatibility with spread: 3.5/5
Crust: 4/5
Value: 5/5

Total: 74%

4. FairPrice


FairPrice Enriched White Bread claims the title of the most budget-friendly option on this rundown, coming in at a mere $1.35 for a 300g loaf. To be honest, I wasn’t setting my hopes too high for this loaf—after all, it’s a no-frills choice, and Singaporeans often have the impression that branded supermarket bread is superior to the unbranded stuff.


Let’s start with the not-so-great aspects. The crust leaned towards the tougher side and left a faint, baking soda-like bitterness lingering on the palate. However, these minor gripes were quickly forgotten once I took a bite of the bread itself. It held an impressive level of moisture and fluffiness, avoiding the overly mushy and gum-like texture that often plague softer loaves.


In terms of flavour, the profile leaned towards the neutral side, with a faint bitterness from the crust. When toasted, the bread retained its moisture and wasn’t too hard or crusty. While it might not secure a podium finish on my list, FairPrice’s white bread is still a quality bread that I’d happily enjoy any day—especially with its price point.

Untoasted: 3.5/5
Toasted: 3.5/5
Compatibility with spread: 3.5/5
Crust: 3.5/5
Value: 5/5

Total: 76%

3. Top One


While Top One isn’t my usual choice when it comes to buying white bread, trying their Enriched White Bread ($2.10) for the sake of this listicle changed my perspective. Top One’s white bread was uber moist in the centre, although it tended to be drier towards the edges, similar to Bonjour’s white bread.


While the bread boasted a smoother appearance compared to the others on this list, I did notice slight porosity upon closer inspection. The crust blended seamlessly with the bread itself, and like Meadows’, it was thin and soft enough to be enjoyed in its entirety. The bread was also notably light, fluffy, and easy to scarf down.


I also enjoyed the flavours of the bread on its own; there was a subtle sweetness especially after chewing. The toasted version had a wheat-like quality, which reminded me of Jacob’s crackers. It also held together well upon toasting and was not flaky at all.

Priced at $2.10 per loaf, this bread offers both quality and value-for-money, earning it a well-deserved place among the top three selections.

Untoasted: 4/5
Toasted: 3.5/5
Compatibility with spread: 3.5/5
Crust: 4/5
Value: 5/5

Total: 60%

2. Sunshine


Now, before all the die-hard Sunshine bread fans light up our comments section for not crowning it the champion, hear me out. Sunshine’s Enriched Soft White ($2.20) bread was so soft, light, and airy that it could put a marshmallow to shame. I also enjoyed the softness of the bread’s crust, and its neutral flavour profile overall, which paired well with our butter spread.


Sunshine’s bread slices are also thinner, and while I’d personally prefer my bread to be thicker, I realised that thicker slices generally don’t toast up as well. Post-toast, the bread is satisfyingly crispy on the outside and super moist on the inside. And let’s not forget the flavour: a hearty, wheaty richness akin to a warm biscuit.


When toasted, the bread tends to become slightly flaky, scattering bits of crumbs around the office as I move about—much to the delight of our office cats. Although these crumbs are a minor trade-off, when taken into account with the relatively thin slices, it’s the reason why it just misses out on claiming the top spot.

Untoasted: 4.5/5
Toasted: 4/5
Compatibility with spread: 4/5
Crust: 4/5
Value: 5/5

Total: 85%

1. Gardenia


And we have a winner, none other than Gardenia! It was really tough having to crown a champion. After much deliberation, and going back and forth between Sunshine and Gardenia, my colleague and I decided that Gardenia’s Enriched White Bread ($2.50) was a clear winner. Here’s why.


While Sunshine’s bread was undeniably soft, Gardenia’s took it a step further and was almost cloud-like. The crust, although thicker, lacked any trace of bitterness. The bread itself was springy and tore easily, while the crust added a deeper sweetness to each bite.


Gardenia’s slices are also notably thicker compared to Sunshine’s, and the bread’s density ensures a satisfying chewiness with minimal crumbs, even when toasted. After toasting, the bread’s inherent sweetness becomes more pronounced, accompanied by a delightful nutty undertone.

In my audacious opinion, this bread is as perfect as it can get when it comes to supermarket white bread, which is why it claims the winner’s podium.

Untoasted: 5/5
Toasted: 4.5/5
Compatibility with spread: 4.5/5
Crust: 4.5/5
Value: 4/5

Total: 90%

Ranking the best supermarket white bread in Singapore

Remember, taste is like a personal journey, and what tickles my taste buds might not be the case for you. Now, go grab that loaf, toast it up, and let your cravings be the ultimate judge of the bread that reigns supreme in your pantry!

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Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva
This was an independent listicle by Eatbook.sg

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