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Get Taiwanese Shaved Ice With Taro Red Bean And Mango Durian Under $10 In Kovan

28th December 2023

Bing Duo Duo has affordable Taiwanese desserts in Kovan

There are a few cuisines that have many of us in a chokehold, and one of them is Taiwanese food. We love a comforting bowl of oyster mee sua and braised pork rice, but with the perpetual hot weather in Singapore, we often find ourselves looking for an icy bowl of shaved ice dessert. Bing Duo Duo is one for the books if you wish to get your hands on affordable Taiwanese-style desserts!

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Bing-Duo-Duo-strawberry-shaved-iceImage credit: @cinnamonngall

Their menu sees more than 30 dessert variations, which can be a little intimidating at first glance. But not to worry, we’ll run you through some of their most popular flavours to try! Let’s start with fruit-themed desserts such as Strawberry ($5.80). It features shaved ice as the base, topped with fresh strawberries, chewy konjac jelly, sweet strawberry puree, and a scoop of ice cream.

Bing-Duo-Duo-mango-durian-dessertImage credit: @bingduoduosg

Bestseller Mango Durian ($8.80) is another must-try for all fruit lovers—you get a mountain of shaved ice topped with sago, diced mangoes, creamy mango puree, and of course, a generous dollop of durian puree.

Bing-Duo-Duo-taro-shaved-iceImage credit: @bingduoduosg

For crowd favourites that are locally inspired, you can try their taro-themed desserts here: Taro Red Bean ($7.80), Taro Coconut ($7.80), and Taro Grass Jelly ($7.80).

Bing-Duo-Duo-mango-cheesecake-dessertImage credit: @bingduoduosg

You can even add toppings such as Cake ($4), Fresh Fruit ($3), and Ice Cream ($2.50) to your shaved ice. They literally serve a slice of cheesecake atop a pile of shaved ice and toppings of your choice!

Bing-Duo-Duo-chocolate-dessertImage credit: @bingduoduosg

If you’re partial to chocolate-flavoured desserts, you’ll surely enjoy a bowl of their Oreo ($4.80) or Chocolate Cake ($7.80). The former showcases an Oreo party with Oreo crumbs and a scoop of ice cream, while chocolate cake slices take the spotlight for the latter.

Do note that the Kovan branch opens till 11pm daily, while the Clementi outlet opens till 2am every day!

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Kovan outlet
Address: Upper Serangoon Road, 941, Singapore 534709
Opening hours: Daily 1:30pm to 11pm

Clementi outlet
Address: Clementi Road, #14, Singapore 129743
Opening hours: Daily 5pm to 2am

Bing Duo Duo is not a halal-certified eatery. 

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Feature image adapted from @bingduoduosg

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