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Briyani 47: Popular Nasi Briyani And Appam Stall In Hougang Mall

23rd January 2024

Briyani 47 has famous nasi briyani and appam in Hougang


If you’re in the North-East and are looking to satisfy your briyani cravings, look no further than Briyani 47. Located in the revamped Hougang Mall food court Foodies Garden, Briyani 47 serves up mean renditions of the aromatic rice dish, as well as a few other treats such as appam, nasi lemak, and nasi campur.

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Started by a young Bangladeshi chef who hopes to make briyani more suitable for local palates, Briyani 47 began life as a stall in Yishun, before moving to Hougang for good. Despite the change of scenery, the stall continues to be a favourite among its patrons.


There are nine types of briyani you can order here. The most easily recommendable one is the Chicken Briyani ($8.50).


With fluffy, spice-infused basmati rice,  crispy shallots, and pieces of deboned curry chicken, this pile of chicken briyani is a delight to the senses. It’s not overly spicy, yet it manages to impress with its piquant flavour and tender chicken. But if you’d like to ramp up the heat, then go for its more fiery alternative, the Devil’s Chicken Briyani ($8.50), instead.

The stall also offers versions that make use of seafood, such as the Fish Briyani ($8.50) and Prawn Briyani ($9.50). These have their fair share of fans as well.

briyani-47-appamImage credit: @briyani_47

For a light snack, go for one of the stall’s appam dishes. Made with coconut milk and fermented rice batter, these crispy-at-the-edges, fluffy-in-the-centre pancakes can be enjoyed with Chocolate ($3.50), Cheese ($3.50), Gula Melaka ($3.50) and more.

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Address:  90 Hougang Avenue 10, #04-11, Hougang Mall, Singapore 538766
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am to 4pm
Briyani 47 is a Muslim-owned eatery.

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Photos taken by Enze Kay.
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