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This Bugis Street Stall Has Japanese Oden Sticks From $1.50

9th March 2023

Chanko Oden has Japanese oden in Bugis Street

Chanko Oden - logo

If you’re looking for a new place for some afternoon snacks around Bugis, look no further than Chanko Oden, a takeaway kiosk selling affordable Japanese-style street snacks!

Chanko Oden - storefront

In case you are unfamiliar with oden, it is a Japanese one-pot dish where ingredients such as konjac, fish cakes and meatballs are simmered in a light dashi broth. In Japan, oden is often sold in convenience stores and takeaway kiosks. 

Here at Chanko Oden, they offer more than 30 different ingredients to pick from. These ingredients are skewered on a stick, and served in a large cup containing the savoury broth. 

Chanko Oden - bowl of chanko

If you’re here, we recommend the Konjac ($1.50), a chewy snack with a silky and smooth finish.

Chanko Oden - chikuwa

For something lighter on the palate, the Chikuwa ($2) is a good option. The chewy fishcake soaks up the savoury dashi broth well, releasing a burst of umami with each bite.  

Chanko Oden - meatballs

Those who prefer meat items can try the Lobster Meatball ($2) or Pork Ball ($2). These chewy meatballs are juicy, flavourful and best eaten piping hot.

If you’re spoiled for choice, you can go for the Chanko ($1.50), which features konjac, chikuwa and a meatball on a single skewer. Else, they also have other items to pick from, such as Tofu Skin ($1.50), Taiwan Sausage ($2), Bamboo Shoot ($1.50) and more. 

Chanko Oden - sweet potato

If you’re up for something more filling, consider ordering their Sweet Potato ($2.90). Freshly prepared in-store, these velvety soft sweet potatoes have a sweet flavour with mild starchiness. Alternatively, their Roasted Chestnuts ($5) is also another item that’s popular with customers. 

For more food around the area, read our Bugis food guide. Alternatively, if you’re into Japanese pastries, check out Catbake at Star Vista, which sells neko-themed buns, cakes and more!

Address: 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867
Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 9pm
Chanko Oden is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas Kate.
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