CHICHA San Chen Has New Series Of Orh Nee Drinks, Including New Taro Bubble Topping
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CHICHA San Chen Has New Taro Drinks, Including New Taro Fresh Milk And Orh Nee Pearls

2nd December 2020

CHICHA San Chen has taro bubble tea

chicha taro

Image credit: CHICHA San Chen

If you’ve seen long snake-like queues at CHICHA San Chen outlets, don’t be surprised. This fast-growing Taiwanese chain has found its way into the hearts of many with their extensive menu and unique tea concoctions.

Adding to the menu are their recently-launched three taro beverages, along with a new taro topping that you can add to any drink order. 

Taro Fresh Milk and Milk Tea with Taro Bubble
Image credit: @mskuan.diary

The taro series includes the Taro Milk Tea as well as Fresh Milk With Taro, both of which are priced at $5.70 each. We hear that it’s recommended to order them hot so that you can truly taste the taro in the beverage. 

CHI CHA San Chen Milk Tea Latte With Taro Bubble
Image credit: CHICHA San Chen

Besides that, the series also features Milk Tea Latte with Taro Bubble ($5.70). This beverage is a marriage of yam and bubble tea, so you get the best of both!

CHICHA San Chen has four main toppings for you to choose from─Bubble, Coconut Jelly, Grass Jelly and Konjac Jelly. Now, they’ve added Taro Bubble to the mix. It’s as chewy as their standard bubble topping, but with a savoury hint of taro. 

The taro beverages are already selling like hotcakes at the moment so be sure to grab them. You may order them at any of their 19 outlets, including the latest one at Westgate. 

Outside of these new drinks, the brand is best known for their freshly-brewed teas, especially their Osmanthus Oolong tea base, and the Ding Dong Oolong tea, both of which are extremely aromatic.

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