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This New Taiwanese Eatery Has Free-Flow Bubble Tea, Hot Plate Steak And More In Bugis

22nd February 2023

Wong Fu Fu has free-flow bubble tea and snack buffet at North Bridge Road


If all the bubble tea you want, unlimited snacks, and sizzling hot plate meals sound like your sort of thing, then head on down to Wong Fu Fu, a new Taiwanese eatery at North Bridge Road that officially opens on 23 February 2023.


Wong Fu Fu’s concept is simple yet full of possibilities—each diner orders one of its hot plate mains to gain access to the mini buffet bar and free-flow drinks. The Taiwanese fare offered here is Muslim friendly, as the restaurant is currently in the midst of applying for halal certification.

All hot plate dishes are customisable. You begin by choosing the meat of your choice, which includes Taiwan Fried Chicken ($25.90++), Striploin Steak ($27.90++), and Grilled Seafood ($31.90++). You can then select your choice of carbs—egg fried rice, pearl rice, spaghetti, or udon—and a sauce to go with it.


The Taiwan Fried Chicken is a must-have. With its wonderfully crispy exterior and juicy interior, not to mention the piquant spicy seasoning, this street food classic sizzles delightfully on the hot plate along with a sunny-side up egg and spaghetti.


Beef fans should try the Striploin Steak, which gets you a succulent slab of striploin. Pair it with thick udon noodles for double the chunkiness.


Once you’ve ordered your mains, make a break for the mini buffet bar, which serves up to 15 different types of cold and hot dishes. It’s included in each order of main!


For hot dishes, there’s a variety of snacks including sweet potato fries, scallion pancake with chicken floss, and mee sua with crab sticks.


Best of all, there’s the DIY bubble tea station, which allows you to concoct BBT any way you see fit.


There are nine different toppings to add to your drink, including pearls, grass jelly, and konjac jelly. You really can fill your cup to the brim with toppings, as we have done in the picture above.


Do note that there is an 80-minute dining time limit here. But within that period, you’re allowed to drink all the BBT you could possibly want.

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Address: 776 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198744
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11:30am to 10pm
Tel: 8890 1844
Wong Fu Fu is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This was a media tasting at Wong Fu Fu.

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