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10 Chinese Restaurants With Return Vouchers For Dim Sum And More, No Min Spend Needed

22nd January 2024

Paradise Group has return vouchers for DBS/POSB Cardmembers

Don’t sleep on return vouchers: they’re an underrated way to save when dining out, especially if you’re visiting particular restaurants or eateries under the same group often. In that vein, DBS and POSB Cardmembers can look forward to enjoying $10 return vouchers on Paradise Group’s portfolio of Chinese restaurants in Singapore for the entire 2024! There’s no minimum spend—all you need to do is dine at a Paradise Group restaurant and enjoy a $10 return voucher when you pay with your DBS or POSB Credit or Debit Card.

From dim sum and hotpot to seafood feasts and buffets, Paradise Group has a wide array of Chinese cuisines and dining experiences for you to explore. If you need a bit of inspiration on where to book your next meal, here are 10 of their restaurants and a must-try dish for each!

1. Taste Paradise 

taste paradise
Image credit: Taste Paradise

Taste Paradise delivers the best of fine Cantonese and contemporary Chinese cuisines to their patrons. They specialise in dim sum and roast meats here, as well as delicious banquet-style dishes that won’t be amiss at a family gathering over a meal. If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant to book for a special occasion, mark Taste Paradise as your next pick. Pore over their extensive dim sum selection, including some house signatures, or opt for a mix of their a la carte dishes if it’s a more formal occasion. The Baked Lamb Rack in Red Wine Reduction ($26++ per person) is a modern, fusion take on a grilled lamb rack, starring succulent meat that’s far from gamey, and a luscious red wine glaze. 

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Taste Paradise is not a halal-certified eatery.

2. Paradise Teochew

paradise teochew
Image credit: Paradise Teochew

Paradise Teochew elevates Teochew cuisine with a menu spanning hundreds of dishes. Located in both Scotts Square and Ngee Ann City, the restaurant is fantastic for intimate meals with loved ones or larger family and business meals. On their Teochew menu, be sure to order some of their braised dishes—a cooking method Teochew cuisine is known for. From braised Irish duck to pig’s innards, there are different cuts and types of meats to choose from, all braised to delicious ends. Be sure to get their Wok-fried ‘Hor Fun’ with Kai Lan and Preserved Turnip ($26++), perfumed with wok hei and bits of chye poh for freshness. The restaurant also has Paradise Group’s signature dim sum selection you can order! 

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Paradise Teochew is not a halal-certified eatery.

3. Seafood Paradise


Singaporeans love a good seafood feast, and few do it better than Seafood Paradise. The restaurant is a household name in the local seafood restaurant scene—its claim to fame being the very first Paradise Group restaurant that ever opened in Singapore over two decades ago. Expect a wide range of fresh seafood delights here, from whole fish to crabs, huge tiger prawns and more. Must-tries include their house signature Creamy Butter Crab Topped With Coconut Crumbs. Choose your preferred crab, from Dungeness ($10.80++ per 100g) to Alaskan King Crab ($26.80++ per 100g), and enjoy it wok-fried in a velvety coconut sauce, then topped with crispy coconut crumbs for added texture. Don’t forget to order some Deep-fried Buns ($1 per piece), AKA fried mantous, to dip in all that saucy goodness. Seafood Paradise has two outlets, one in CQ @ Clarke Quay and another in VivoCity.

Full list of outlets
Seafood Paradise is not a halal-certified eatery.

4. Beauty in The Pot 

beauty in the pot return voucher

Beauty in The Pot is one of Singapore’s most popular hotpot chains, and for good reason. Their signature Beauty Collagen Broth ($34.80++) is slow-cooked with pork bones for eight hours so it gets its rich consistency, further flavoured with nourishing herbs. A Spicy Nourishing Broth ($28.80++) with customisable spice levels is available too, starring the same collagen base dressed up with Sichuan herbs to bring on a numbing heat. To that, select from Beauty in The Pot’s extensive lineup of ingredients, from specialty meat platters to paste platters. 

Full list of outlets
Beauty in The Pot is not a halal-certified eatery.

5. Paradise Dynasty

paradise dynasty

Imperial Chinese cuisine is the heartbeat of Paradise Dynasty. The opulent decor here is matched by an equally delightful menu of Chinese dishes adapted from the great courts of China’s imperial age. Don’t let this grandiosity deter you, though, as Paradise Dynasty is as suited to a casual, intimate meal as it is a more formal gathering. While menus differ from outlet to outlet, you can get their Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao ($16.80++) across all their branches. The basket comes with eight different xiao long bao flavours, with skins coloured to match their fillings. The black xiao long bao, for instance, is filled with black truffle-infused pork mince and broth, while the pale gold xiao long bao is packed with creamy foie gras. 

Full list of outlets
Paradise Dynasty is not a halal-certified eatery.

6. Canton Paradise 

canton paradise

Enjoy Hong Kong classics without having to board a plane at Canton Paradise. The bustling bistro specialises in a variety of Hong Kong dishes, from roasted meats to dim sum, congee to wok-fried dishes. While the menu may vary across their outlets, they do have some recurring staples. These include their Braised Tofu with Shrimp Paste and Pork Belly in Claypot (from $18.80++), where silky braised tofu, dollops of shrimp paste, and slices of fatty pork belly are served in a piping hot claypot. 

Full list of outlets
Canton Paradise is not a halal-certified eatery.

7. Paradise Classic 

paradise classic

Paradise Classic is a family-friendly Chinese restaurant that offers a wide variety of classic stir-fried dishes—think fried rice, hor fun and more—at affordable prices. They’re best known for their prawn main dishes, all prepared with their house-made prawn stock that is prepared for more than six hours, with fresh prawn heads and spices. Another famous Paradise Classic dish is their Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork (from $14.90++), a levelled up gu lou yok dish with pork pieces fried in a crispy, fluffy batter, then doused in a balanced sweet and sour sauce. 

Full list of outlets
Paradise Classic is not a halal-certified eatery.

8. Le Shrimp Ramen 

le shrimp star vista Le Shrimp Trio Tossed Ramen 2

Japanese ramen meets Chinese la mian at Le Shrimp Ramen, Paradise Group’s prawn ramen concept. If you love ramen and la mian, you’ll definitely enjoy your meal at this restaurant franchise. They have two specialty broths that are the star of the show here: a tonkotsu broth, which is made by slowly simmering pork bones to extract their collagen, and a shrimp broth, made with sea prawns, pork bones, and Chinese spices. If the latter tickles your fancy, definitely order the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen ($19.30++). The warm orange broth is tapped with house-made ebiko prawn paste, prawn dumplings, and two huge fresh prawns.

Full list of outlets
Le Shrimp Ramen is not a halal-certified eatery.

9. LeNu 

lenu singapore

Taiwanese beef noodle lovers, you’ll want to add LeNu to your to-dine list. The noodle bar is famed for their Braised Beef Combination Noodle (from $18.30++)—this layered dish combines LeNu’s 18-hour beef broth, paired with QQ noodles, and a combination of beef cuts, including Wagyu slices, tendon, and shank meats. The broth here is definitely a highlight: beefy and rich thanks to the process of slow-cooking beef marrow, the soup is further flavoured with a blend of Chinese spices and other quality ingredients. 

Full list of outlets
LeNu is not a halal-certified eatery.

10. Paradise Hotpot


Add Paradise Hotpot to your steamboat rotation. They offer Hong Kong-style hotpot with Value and Premium all-you-can-eat options, AKA buffets. Their Value options start from $19.90++ per person, and you get 80 minutes of free-flow hotpot with more than 80 ingredients to choose from! If you’re opting for their Premium tier, prices start from $25.90++. This tier comes with exclusive ingredients, from South American Kurobuta Pork to Fresh White Sea Prawns.

Full list of outlets
Paradise Hotpot is not a halal-certified eatery. 

Get return vouchers at these Chinese restaurants with DBS/POSB

Remember: pay at any of these outlets with your DBS or POSB Card and get a return voucher that’s valid till the end of this year! With so many food options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Even better, there’s no minimum spend required. DBS has dining offers aplenty, so check out the link below for more!

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