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This Amoy Hawker Stall Sells Black Sesame Latte, Earl Grey Toast And More

2nd March 2023

Coffee Break has flavoured kopi at Amoy Street Food Centre

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It’s not common to see cafe-style coffee served in a hawker centre, but that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Coffee Break, a second-generation hawker stall known for their kopi with a twist.

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Currently run by siblings Faye, Anna, and Jack, Coffee Break was first founded by their father along Boon Tat Street. Later, the stall relocated to Amoy Street Food Centre where it remains to this day. They also have another newer outlet in Hong Lim Food Centre. 

Fun fact: the siblings’ grandfather used to own a coffeeshop called San Hai Yuan over 80 years ago. A vintage signboard from the old shop can also be seen hanging from the stall’s wall!

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Coffee Break’s coffee is sock-brewed the traditional way, which means that the beans are first roasted with sugar and margarine. Then, the coffee is brewed using hot water and a quick stirring method, which helps bring out the coffee beans’ naturally rich flavours.

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Here, a cup of traditional hot Kopi, Kopi O, or Kopi C costs $1.60, while a cup of hot Teh or Yuan Yang costs $1.80. The price of a latte starts from $4, and you can choose from flavours such as Black Sesame, Butter Pecan, and Taro Milk.

The Hazelnut Latte ($4) is one of their most popular orders and is said to have a strong, nutty kick and a balanced coffee-to-milk ratio. Customers have also mentioned that the latte has a smooth texture that’s easy to drink.

You also have the option to switch out your latte’s regular milk for soy milk or oat milk at an additional cost of $1.20.

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If you’re looking for something to fill your tummy, pair your cuppa with Coffee Break’s fanciful toasts, filled with interesting spreads such as Taro, Matcha Coconut, and Key Lime.

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Be sure to try their highly raved Black Sesame Butter Toast ($3.50), featuring thin slices of toasted wholemeal bread slathered with sweet black sesame spread. The black sesame spread has just the right amount of sweetness, so you can finish all four bread slices without feeling jelak. There’s also the popular Earl Grey Creme Toast ($3.50), which is said to have a creamy filling with a pronounced flowery aroma.

If you’re looking for more good kopi places, check out Heng Heng Coffee Stall for their TikTok-viral burnt kaya buns in Bukit Merah. Else, read this Amoy Street Food Centre guide for more delicious hawker eats in the area.

Address: 7 Maxwell Road, #02-78, Singapore 069111
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am to 2:30pm
Coffee Break is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @cannoncal and @cradlesong__

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