Bakery Cuisine One Raffles Place Has Old-School Cream Cheese Waffles For $2.20
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This Bakery In The CBD Sells Thick Old-School Waffles With Cream Cheese Filling

18th August 2021

Cream cheese waffles at Bakery Cuisine Raffles Place MRT Station

Old-school waffles began as the staple after-school snack for many of us, and have since carried over into adulthood as a midday snack. While we’re most familiar with those offered by Prima Deli, other bakeries have their own twist on this nostalgic treat. Bakery Cuisine at One Raffles Place is an exampleโ€”the CBD-based bakery has made waves on Instagram for their larger-than-average waffles, and the fact that they offer cream cheese as a filling.

cream cheese waffles
Image credit: @dairycarbs

Typically, old-school waffles come with sliced processed cheese as a filling. The unique offering of cream cheese was first spotlighted by foodstagrammer @dairycarbs, who touted them as the best bakery waffles. Described as thick, with crispy edges and “golden, kueh-like insides”, the waffles are slathered with milky cream cheese to serve. Because the waffles are warm, the cream cheese turns into a gooey, decadent spread.

cream cheese waffles raffles place mrt station
Image credit: @muchmunchh

Another foodstagrammer, @muchmunchh, doubled down on praising these waffles’ kueh-like texture, which is rare amongst bakery waffles, as those tend to favour crispiness.

bakery cuisine cream cheese waffles
Image credit: @muchmunchh

The cream cheese waffles are priced at $2.20, along with their other standard flavours. These include peanut butter, blueberry, sliced cheese, butter, chocolate, kaya, strawberry jam, and red bean.

bakery cuisine menu raffles place mrt
Image credit: @muchmunchh

For $2.40, you can get crunchy peanut butter as a spread. There’s a premium filling tier, where you can get fillings such as ham and cheese, blueberry cream cheese, Oreo cream cheese, chocolate marshmallow, and chocolate banana. All these and more premium spreads are priced at $2.80. Finally, you can also get fresh durian as a filling for $3.

If you prefer your waffles plain, those are priced at $1.70.

Bakery Cuisine is situated amidst the Raffles Place MRT Station sprawl of food and beverage outlets, at unit #B1-37.

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Address: 1 Raffles Place, #B1-37, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 7:30pm, Sat 9am to 4:30pm

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