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Don Don Donki Has New Milo Chocolate Bars From Japan

21st December 2022

Don Don Donki has Milo chocolate bars from Japan

Milo DDDK - box stack

I’ve always been fond of Milo products━from Milo drink packets and snack bars to even ice cream, Milo is almost a multiverse of goodies all on its own. Joining the list of Milo items is the Milo Chocolate Bar, which can only be found at Don Don Donki!

Milo DDDK - inside of box

While Milo is typically developed and manufactured in Singapore, Malaysia, or Australia, these Milo chocolate bars are made in Japan! They come in a box of 10 individually packed bars, which will set you back $5.50

Milo DDDK - inside

You’ll find a single chocolate truffle inside each packet, which boasts an intense chocolatey, malt flavour. This snack has a Milo powder-laced centre that melts in your mouth, reminiscent of a Milo Dinosaur in a bite-sized piece!

Milo DDDK - close up

We are not sure if this will be a permanent addition to Don Don Donki’s range of desserts, so it’s probably best to get your hands on some while stocks last.

don don donki mochi sandwich
Image credit: @breadinosaur

While you’re on the hunt for these Milo snacks, you might want to check out Don Don Donki’s mochi sandwiches at the dessert section, in particular the Strawberry Cream Cheese Mochi Sandwich! It costs around $5, and contains squishy rice mochi, cream cheese filling, with a strawberry jelly centre.

dddk - jap oyster bento
Image credit: @gooijourney

Also, do keep a lookout for the elusive Aburi Terimayo Oyster Bento ($15.80) at Don Don Donki, which comes in limited quantities daily. Each box has at least 10 fresh oysters served on Japanese pearl rice. These oysters are said to be imported from Hiroshima in Japan!

If you want to delve deeper into the multiverse of chocolate malt-ness, check out our list of Milo recipes, including Milo mousse cake, Milo brownies and more! Alternatively, for more sweet treats, check out our best Don Don Donki desserts guide!

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